Mining for talent – A study of women on boards in the mining industry

Published: 19/09/2016
“Profit margins are higher for mining companies with women on the board”

We have published a report in conjunction with Women in Mining on trends of women on boards and senior executive positions in the global mining industry. Some key findings from the report include:

  • The mining industry has the fewest number of women on its boards of any other industry, with women occupying only 5 per cent of the board positions of the top 500 global listed mining companies
  • Mining companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange had the best level of female board representation, while those listed on the London Stock Exchange had the lowest.
  • Profit margins are higher for mining companies with women on the board

Women’s representation in the senior management of companies has been the subject of considerable public debate in recent years, particularly concerning calls for the introduction of legislative quotas. In addition to the case for greater gender equality, a growing body of evidence suggests that stronger financial performance, improved governance and reduced risk of bankruptcy are associated with the participation of women on corporate boards and in senior management positions. However, there are diverse views, including amongst women, as how to achieve greater gender diversity.

Mining for talent

Amanda van Dyke Chair of Women in Mining (UK) and Stephney Dallmann a Director in our mining practice discuss the findings of a recent survey of women on boards of mining companies and the implications.

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Percentage of women on boards by territory

Exchange Average % women on boards of top 100 mining companies
South Africa – JSE 21.05
Australia – ASX 11.97
USA – NYSE 7.34
Hong Kong – SEHK 6.02
Canada – TSX/TSXv 5.24
United Kingdom – LSE/AIM 4.27