Meet Carol Poblete, Community Relations Analyst for Anglo American

Published: 18/03/2015

05 MAR 2015

In 2013, the Agua Potable Los Caleos (Drinkable Water, Los Caleos) initiative was recognised by Applause, Anglo American’s employee excellence awards.

The programme’s main aim was to provide drinking water to Los Caleos, an area low in hydrological resource.

And it succeeded.

Here we talk to Carol Poblete, community relations analyst for Anglo American’s Copper business unit who led the programme.


Carol has been part of the Anglo American family for almost 23 years. Her previous work in the communities surrounding the El Soldado mine helped the success of the Agua Potable Los Caleos project.

In order to achieve the expansion of the area’s Rural Water System, she drew upon her people skills to integrate the project’s different stakeholders including the Municipality of Nogales, the Department of Water Resources, the Los Caleos Committee, and three other neighbour committees.

During her career at Anglo American, Carol explains that she has never felt different from her male counterparts. In fact, she has always felt comfortable and received great respect from her peers.

“Women and men offer skills that are complementary of one other – both are required to ensure success for sustainability within the mining industry.”

In addition to her Applause win, Carol was recently recognised at the International Congress on Women Leaders, where she was awarded for her role within local communities.

“I perform my work with absolute love, so the fact that I also receive recognition motivates me to continue on the same path. This allows me to develop personally and professionally,” she says.

“I am happy to be a part of a large team that contributes to both community and country development.”

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