• Report year:2007
  • Report author: Georges Desvaux, Sandrine Devillard-Hoellinger, and Pascal Baumgarten
  • Organisation: McKinsey
Companies with a higher proportion of women in top management may
perform better...
“Women Matter” is a study conducted by McKinsey & Company as part of its global
partnership with the Women’s Forum for the Economy & Society.
The study suggests that the companies where women are most strongly represented
at board or top-management level are also the companies that perform best.
Confirming the existence of the gender gap – most notably in the composition of
corporate management bodies – the McKinsey study offers fact-based insights
into the importance for companies of fostering the development of women in the
business arena, so that a greater number attain positions of high responsibility.
Finally, building on these insights and observations, and highlighting the main
barriers to female representation on management bodies, this study seeks to begin
the practical debate of how to make the transition from awareness of the situation
to the implementation of change.
Are women the future of business? The question is open ...