Inspirational women from Nevada part 1: Jennica Fitzgerald, Marie Sandoval & Linsey Burger

Published: 30/06/2014

 Newmont Mining Corporation’s Jennica Fitzgerald Stresses the Value of Opportunity Nevada Mining

Nevada |Mining Association, 14 January 2014

Those in the mining community know our professional ranks are filled with amazing individuals with great stories to tell. Exhibit A: Jennica Fitzgerald, who shares her story for the next edition of our “Meet Your Miners” series.

 Fitzgerald, a health, safety and loss prevention representative at the Twin Creeks mine, is a seven-year veteran of Newmont Mining Corporation.

 “I applied for the job in Health and Safety because I wanted to get my foot in the door and ultimately end up in mine reclamation after I got my degree,” Fitzgerald admits. “However, I have so enjoyed being [in] this field that even after I got the degree, I chose to continue in Health and Safety. I really appreciate the opportunities I’ve been given.” 

 An outdoor enthusiast, Fitzgerald enjoys staying active and admits that she tires easily of monotonous work, which explains her love of her current position.

 “I like that I get to work with a lot of different people and see all the varying aspects of mining. I don’t like to do the same thing every day, and it’s always changing in this position.”

As far as Fitzgerald’s approach to her work, she says that it is more important to lead by example. If enjoyment of her own job qualifies as leadership, the example she sets is sure to inspire those around her.

The importance of the mining industry cannot be understated. If there’s a job to do, there needs to be someone who can do it. Fitzgerald notes that there is no reason to assume that women shouldn’t jump at opportunities in mining.

“The really cool thing about mining is the amazing variety of jobs and opportunities. I see women in the mill, on the blast crew, on leach pads, in offices, in management and in trucks. If the job exists, there is a woman who does it.”

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Marie Sandoval of Barrick Gold Corporation Leads by Example in Nevada Mining Career


When it comes to something as intricate as a mining operation, so full of moving parts, people tend to overlook the obvious fact that the most important pieces of this puzzle are actually…well, people! In this edition of our ‘Meet Your Miners’ series, we introduce you to Marie Sandoval of Barrick Gold Corporation.

 After receiving her Bachelor of Applied Science in Management with an emphasis on Technology, Sandoval began working as a temp through Carlin Trend. Working with Barrick’s surface mine rescue team and competition team for five years, she gained pertinent  knowledge and training that led her to her current position as underground mine rescue coordinator at the Cortez Gold Mine in Lander County.

“I work in the Safety and Health division at the mine,” said  Sandoval, who went on to describe her many duties, which include coordinating and facilitating training for new mine rescue team members and trained medical personnel such as fire, rope rescue, hazmat, confined space and wild land fire crews.

 When it comes to her favorite part of the job, Sandoval was clear: It’s not about her.

 “Working on a team with people who are dedicated to helping others. Watching people who do not know anything about being a medic or rescuer become some of the best medics and trainers I have ever met is extremely rewarding.

 As far as her approach to work every day, Sandoval knows that her job is about the well-being of others, but it is up to her to lead by example.

 “Because a lot of my job is training others to do their jobs, it’s important for me to set the tone. I do this by approaching my work with a good attitude…treat others like I would want to be treated.”

 She’s also appreciative of the opportunities her career has afforded both her and her family.

“Working in the mining industry allowed me to finish my college education. It helped my children go to college. The industry provided summer work programs for my kids that helped them earn money for college.  It has done so much to enhance my life and my family’s lives.  I am very grateful.”

 Sandoval noted that much of her free time is spent with her three (soon to be four!) grandchildren, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. As someone who understands and appreciates the importance of family, Sandoval feels fortunate to love what she does for a living.

 “Cortez is a place where people truly hold their employees as their most precious commodity. They don’t preach safety, they live it as a culture; a belief, and that makes it one of the best places I have ever worked.  I cannot express how blessed I feel to be here and to work among the most amazing people I have ever met.”

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Newmont Mining Corporation’s Linsey Burger Finds the Perfect Fit with Career in Nevada Mining


For years, the mining industry in general has been thought of as something of an ‘old boys’ club.’ But as quickly as the many facets of mining are changing, so too is our understanding of the industry’s demographic makeup. Saying today that mining is a man’s world is as antiquated a view as assuming miners themselves still use nothing but a pickaxe to unearth some of the world’s most important raw materials.

Our ‘Meet Your Miners’ series is here to lay to rest outdated ideologies while also introducing you to the amazing people who work both directly and indirectly with mining each day. One of those very workers is Linsey Burger, a Gilchrest Ore. native and nine-year veteran of the Nevada mining community.

 Burger joined Newmont Mining Corporation as a truck driver at the Twin Creeks mine in 2004 and quickly made inroads to advance her career. A self-proclaimed lover of the outdoors, Burger enjoys camping, rafting, weekend pack trips into the Ruby Mountains and fishing among other activities. Because of this, she knew she wanted to expand her career experience and get outside the haul truck cabin.

 “I quickly realized that I wanted a more physically active job and was given the opportunity to work within the Blasting Department on the Powder Crew. It was a much better fit for me,” said Burger

 Moving into the blasting department was certainly a better fit for her personality and career interests, and the opportunity also found Burger working with explosive materials on a daily basis. While the distinction between man and woman in her field has vanished in importance, the difference between safe and unsafe is as important as ever.

 “I come to work every day expecting to go home in the same condition I arrived in,” says Burger. “I expect my father, who works at the Phoenix mine, and my uncle and cousin here at Twin Creeks, to go home to their families at the end of the day as well. Thinking of my family and my co-workers not just as equipment operators or mechanics, but as people with families helps me keep safety personal.”

 As an experienced leader in her field, with nine years under her work belt, we asked Burger about her views on career opportunities for women in the mining industry. “I feel the career opportunities for women in mining are endless! The only thing limiting a woman in mining is her belief in herself.”

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