Location: Kings Mountain, NC USA

Role Summary

Albemarle is evaluating the development of a historic lithium mine site that has the potential to play a key part in the North American supply chain.

The Project Director reports to the VP Lithium Development and is responsible for detailed planning, tracking, reporting, monitoring, and task assigning and self-performance of project activities for the development of the pre-construction (transition out of the Evaluate phase), Select, Define, Execution and commissioning phases for the Kings Mountain Mine and Concentrator Project. Assuring that all project requirements, maximizations of the business value are met in accordance with the Albemarle project framework and business objectives.

This role shall serve as the senior interface with the external contractor organization/s, and key community and business interface role for the development of the project delivery and alignment with the Albemarle project objectives.


Key Job Responsibilities

  • Ensure adherence to Albemarle safety standards throughout Project development and execution.
  • Assist in developing and conveying the unique safety culture for the project, with appropriate systems developed and deployed, to the owners, contractors and vendors with the goal of zero harm (or other similar protocols).
  • Lead the Albemarle development, execution and commissioning for the project.
  • Development of the Project Business case and value proposition.
  • Development of the Project Execution Strategy.
  • Delivery of the Project execution plan, design scope of work and services.
  • Act as the key project interface with the Lithium GBU.
  • Define and develop the full project resource requirements through the full life cycle of the project appointing and defining the key roles for the successful completion of the project.
  • Ensure the development of the integrated Project schedule to maintain schedule to sanctioned timing, and actively develop alternatives to bring forward the production date.
  • Ensure that Corporate Project Management Principles, Technical Policies and Standards, relevant directives and lessons learned from previous projects are being considered in the design.
  • Provide project integration management across construction, project delivery and commissioning.
  • Ensure that project governance is maintained in accordance with Albemarle Corporation requirements for accounting, purchasing, CAPEX forecasting, cost centre forecasting, etc.
  • Ensure that necessary resources are available to accomplish timely completion of Project Milestones.
  • Ensure the security and confidentiality of Albemarle technology materials.
  • Report on status of the Project, through written, oral and presentations.
  • Approve scope change requests in accordance with the delegation of authority.
  • Review purchasing bid tabs and approve award of all purchase orders and contracts in accordance with the delegation of authority.
  • Assist with ensuring appropriate Value Engineering, Constructability, and Risk Reviews are performed and maintenance of the Risks and Opportunities Register
  • Assure the close out of all HAZOP comments prior to commissioning and startup activities.
  • Assist in ensuring that all field construction documentation is complete, accurate, and meets Plant requirements.
  • Assist in ensuring that any Project deficiencies identified by Plant during commissioning and start-up are corrected
  • Assist in preparation of the Project Close Out Report, including Lessons Learned
  • Assist in identification of project deficiencies for Project Team correction, participating in de-bottle necking studies for future construction and commissioning
  • Coordinate resource requirements and project execution with other project activities to ensure all stakeholder expectations are aligned.
  • Identify opportunity for improvement and develop solutions that improve the efficiency, quality, schedule, or reduce TIC
  • All other reasonable duties as determined by the employer.


Work experience requirements

  • Previous experience of engineering and construction/mining/resource projects in USA, Canada.
  • Previous work experience in Major Project development and execution circa >US$500M execution cost
  • Previous experience in Raw materials refinement and extraction/mining technologies
  • Role will be required to be in Kings Mountain North Carolina.
  • Ability to travel in alignment with Domestic and International agreements.


Education/QUALIFICATION requirements

  • Bachelor of Engineering, Mechanical, Chemical, Mining, Geological and Civil as a preference,
  • Post graduate qualifications are highly beneficial.
  • 15 to 20 years’ experience in relevant industries.
  • Fluent in both English, with Spanish a value.


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