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Open to all women in mining

Launched 2015 and still growing


IWiMSpeakUp promotes women’s active participation in industry meetings, conferences and thought-leadership initiatives, as speakers, panellists or expert participants.

When IWiMSpeakUp launched in 2015, the percentage of women speaking at industry events was not representative of their place in the industry nor a priority for event organisers and participants. IWiMSpeakUp has had the privilege of supporting leading event organisers in addressing this by connecting them with highly qualified women in the discipline and/or region of interest.

IWiMSpeakUp and the forward-looking event organisers it supports have together not only provided excellent opportunities for the women thus nominated, but also created visible change in redefining expectations of how industry events are organised and presented.


140+ female professionals registered on our database

11 women nominated to speak at industry events world-wide in Q3 2019

Long-term collaborations with global events including Mines & Money series, IMARC, Mining Indaba and Dubai Show, as well as more specific or regional events

Visible increase in the number of women speakers at global events since 2015

How it works

As an event organiser, please contact us to discuss your agenda and speaking opportunities.

Aside from its database of potential speakers, IWiM has extensive contacts globally, including 10,500+ members and followers and close relationships with WIM organisations world-wide, global businesses and investors in the sector and industry associations and international organisations.

Any opportunities for discounts available to IWiM members are well publicised to our network. This service is provided free of charge.

As a potential speaker, please contact us or register here. Please be sure to indicate clearly the topics or areas you would be most comfortable discussing and/or the events you attend regularly and could speak at.

Check out current speaking opportunities at conferences here.

Contact –  iwimspeakup@internationalwim.org

Event Organiser Testimonial

“I would like to thank you for your help with identifying and reaching out to our speakers (Sandra and Bobby). They both did a great job and their presentations were not only very interested but also very well received by the audience. As was also the whole Panel discussion. Without your help, that would not be possible. Thank you!”

Michal Drabik, UNECE


“At Mines and Money we believe that encouraging greater diversity of thought is critical for the future of the mining industry. Greater gender diversity is a key part of that process. We have been working with IWiM for a number of years now and fully support their work in driving forward diversity in mining”

Andrew Thake, Mines & Money


Speaker Testimonials

“I joined the IWiM association to network with others in the mining industry. I was excited when I read about the SpeakUp initiative to increase the visibility of women speakers at mining conferences. I had always wanted to speak publicly but did not know how to go about to participate in a conference. IWiM opened the doors to the Mining Show, a conference in Dubai where I spoke about the challenges women face in the mining industry. To be able to address a large audience with Ministers and CXOs in attendance on this important topic was an enriching experience and allowed me to increase my visibility.”


“I am thankful to the IWiM association for selecting me to be the first person to participate this in the SpeakUp project. My participation in the Mining Show conference opened doors for me and now I am speaking at EY to officially launch the EY (WIM-UK)’s publication related to advancing women in mining. I am forever indebted to IWiM and hope other women take advantage of the many opportunities provided by IWiM.”

Nita Singh


“Thank you for the enabling us to engage on matters we face as women in mining all over the world and share experiences. I am very happy to be a member of this network and I enjoyed presenting on the two conferences I attended last week through this platform. I look forward to more engagements and experiences with other members/associates of IWiM.”

Sandra Seabela