Location: Charlotte NC USA


Job Description


The job duties will be:

  • Following site safety and operational procedures
  • Adhering to emergency response plan
  • Wearing required personal protective equipment
  • Maintaining a clean and organized work area, properly disposing of floor sweepings and scrap material in designated locations
  • Routine equipment checks
  • Moving loaded and empty drums between rooms, across floors and onto and off pallets
  • Operating and maintaining equipment within a glovebox
  • Changing and moving empty and full gas cylinders
  • Weighing and measuring raw materials
  • Loading raw materials into a furnace
  • Hammering brittle material into small pieces
  • Dusting and sweeping
  • Performing or monitoring manual and automatic sieving
  • Packaging powdered material
  • Operating a fork lift
  • Canning, pouching and sealing operations
  • Completing production and shipping paperwork
  • Notifying management of safety issues or low supplies of packaging materials

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