The Male Champions of Change STEM group is made up of senior and influential leaders in STEM who are deeply committed to achieving gender equality in their organisations and beyond. We reflect the diversity of STEM organisations representing our national scientific research and data institutions, universities, as well as medical, technology, engineering, health and pharmaceutical businesses. The areas where we can drive change are the attractiveness of STEM careers to women and men and the inclusiveness of our workplace cultures and practices. We are focussed on this area of change.

In our first year, the group has engaged with people in our organisations to understand the existing
barriers to gender equality and to generate bold action plans to change. We have reflected on our
personal leadership and the influence we have to drive change in STEM. This report outlines what we
heard and the four areas where we are taking action to tackle the representation of women in STEM
leadership roles:
* Build equality and innovation mindsets
* Dismantle barriers for carers and normalise flexible work
* Grow the pipeline
* Lead on gender reporting and transparency