• Report year:2014
  • Report author: Lena Abrahamsson, Eugenia Segerstedt, Magnus Nygren, Jan Johansson, Bo Johansson, Ida Edeman and Amanda Åkerlund
  • Organisation: Luleå University of Technology
The social dimension of the sustainability concept is relatively underdeveloped compared to the environment and the economy, both when it comes to sustainable development in general and the mining industry in particular. Social sustainable development is a complex and large concept and quite difficult to cover in a report like this without ending up on a quite abstract level. In order to be as concrete as possible we have chosen three areas of research: diversity, gender, and work conditions. These areas can be regarded as relatively mature and they give important contributions to our under- standing of social sustainable development in relation to the mining sector, even if they not always explicitly refer to it as such.