Every woman’s body is unique and different, women traditionally sit down to urinate, women have a monthly menstrual cycle, can become pregnant and breastfeed their babies and go through menopause



Elviehttps://www.elvie.com/shop/elvie-pump UK   FD, Portable breast pump – comes in single and double. Is hands-free, silent, and wearable under a bra.  

Willowhttps://onewillow.com/ US   FD, Portable breast pump – comes in a set with two and many accessories. Is hands-free, silent, and wearable under a bra.  


Menstruation & Urination

Shesfreetobehttps://www.shesfreetobe.com/collections/all  NZ/AU – Menstruation and urination toolkit

SheqSafety Wear – https://www.sheqsafety.co.za SA  – Sanitary Pouches, shewees and peebol



3 Donkeyshttps://www.3donkeys.co.uk/ UK FD, Because the designs have been created by a woman for women, the women’s coveralls have all the practical features women need. They fit well, look great and have an unbeatable level of protection and durability.

CLAD https://cladsafety.co.uk/ladies-workwear-and-ppe/ UK FD, Clad Safety is committed to delivering high quality, fit for purpose workwear, uniform and PPE to a wide range of industry sectors including utilities, healthcare, manufacturing, transport and construction. The company is proud to hold accreditations that demonstrate its commitment to the industry, ethical trading, safety standards and sustainability.

SheWear –  https://www.shewear.com.au/ AU   Women’s socks, and underwear. 

COgear– https://www.cogear.com.au/AU  Women’s bodies change daily, whether it’s our menstrual cycle, menopause, gynaecological issues, fertility treatment, or pregnancy, no two days are the same. COgear garments are designed with women’s fluctuating bodies front of mind and that’s why we incorporate smart design features such as stretch fabric and elastic waistbands into our garments to allow women to be their best every day.

DRIFIRE https://www.drifire.com/search/?q=womens USA FR, is an exclusive brand of fire-resistant clothing. These garments are high-quality, durable and lightweight. They protect against flash fire, arch flame and visibility hazards. They use fast-drying technologies so women can do their jobs in comfort. National Safety Apparel is the official supplier of the DRIFIRE brand.

IFR Workwearhttps://www.ifrworkwear.ca/product-category/womens/ CA FR, has been a leading manufacturer of women’s FR apparel since 2005. The clothing is made in North America with premium fabrics, for consistent quality. These products protect from arc flash, flash fire and visibility hazards.

Mallusk https://workwearmallusk.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=ladies UK FD, is a family run business, established in 1984, supplying all sectors of industry with an extensive range of products suited for all work environments.

SheqSafety Wear – https://www.sheqsafety.co.za SA  – Sports bras

Snickers Workwearhttps://www.snickersworkwear.com/ US  FD/FR, Black Flame retardant underwear incl sports bra, underwear, long sleeve t-shirt, short sleeve t-shirt.

Sanfield’s https://www.stanfields.com/collections/women CA, is a proud Canadian clothing manufacturer that has been around since 1856. It takes pride in the quality and comfort of its products. Now you can get the best base layers, wool, and wool blended products at reasonable prices.