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Job Description


Position Summary


The function of the Process Technology Engineer is to support the Technology Licensors to assure that the technology applied on projects will be successful in achieving the business objectives.  This responsibility can be described as follows.


General responsibilities as Technical Contributor for the Energy Storage Materials GBU

  • Collaborate with key individuals in the global technical community to achieve a high level of technical performance for the corporation.
  • Assist the Process Licensor in developing basic engineering packages and economic models to support the growth platform for Lithium Carbonate.  Evaluate technology options on:
    • Technical feasibility and the goals for process development
    • Sustainability impact
    • Safety and operability
    • Quality improvement
    • Profit improvement
  • Assist on multiple projects in various global locations to ensure consistency in the technology application.
  • Support the Process Technology Licensor on project implementation.
    • Assist on major PTprograms.
    • Contribute progress updates within the Strategic Project Portfolio.
    • Provide technical input to megaprojects.
    • Network across the PTQ global organization to share knowledge, ideas for improvement, and technical innovation.


  • Support of the Albemarle Corporate Core Values
    • Care:  We value safety and the well-being of each other.  We help make our communities better.  We are stewards of the environment.
    • Curiosity: We encourage questions and support continuous learning, improvement, and innovation.
    • Courage: We are willing to take informed and shared risks, but not short cuts.
    • Collaboration: We believe the best results occur when many people work together to solve problems.
    • Humility: We share the credit for our success and value the ideas of others.
    • Integrity and Transparency: We communicate and act honesty to achieve the best solution for all stakeholders of the company.


Project Specific requirements as Process Technology Design Engineer

  • Assists Technology Licensor in ensuring the process technology choices adhere to the business requirements, are fundamentally sound, conform to corporate standards, and are based on the proven technology.
  • Accountable that the final plant meets the process design criteria of capacity, quality, and reliability during the plant qualification period.
  • Assists Technology Licensor in ensuring the process technology documentation of all of Albemarle’s Lithium Carbonate operations globally are up to date, to ensure the sharing of key developments and to maintain the technical advantage of Albemarle’s technology.
  • Assists Technology Licensor in identifying & evaluating technical risks, and in developing risk mitigation plans.
  • Assists Technology Licensor in documenting & developing presentations for process related issues that require Albemarle leadership decisions.
  • Responsible to work collaboratively with both the Albemarle Project team and the Engineering Contractor’s engineering discipline leaders.
  • Responsible that the process technology adheres to Albemarle Health, Safety, and Environmental standards by participating in HAZOP’s and consulting with the project Process Design Leader to resolve assigned HAZOP items.
  • Assists Technology Licensor in reviewing (as the Owner’s representative) key process technology documentation during the project execution throughout the Albemarle Project Process (APP, see attached table for more details of the requirements at each stage).
  • Assists Technology Licensor in identifying, documenting, and presenting to the project team any risks and opportunities that could impact the project execution during the APP.
  • Responsible for developing as an Albemarle Process Design team member to have a deep understanding of the technology and to ensure continuity of support to the project.



  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in an accredited Chemical Engineering program.
  • Commitment to safety leadership.
  • High-energy, results driven, action-oriented approach with a collaborative work style that fosters high expectations and supports achieving common team goals.
  • Desire to grow in fundamental chemical engineering expertise.
  • Data-based decision making, problem solving, prioritization, and risk-based management skills.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with strong internal customer focus.
  • Fluent in English.
  • Located or available to relocate to the Charlotte, NC region.



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