Job Position: Warehouse Technician

Location:Qinzhou, Guangxi, China

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Job Description

  1. According to the warehousing process, the products and by-products produced are inspected and stored in the warehouse area.
  2. Supervise the safe operation of product loading and unloading of packaging materials.
  3. According to the transfer plan of lithium concentrate, formulate a storage and stacking plan for lithium concentrate, stack each batch in different areas, and make a good sign.
  4. According to the production plan, optimize the product storage plan in combination with the product inventory, reasonably control the inventory, and arrange the transfer of products to the warehouse in a timely manner in cooperation with logistics.
  5. In accordance with the principle of first-in, first-out, notify the workshop and the outsourcing forklift driver to feed according to the designated area.
  6. Handle the outbound and warehousing business of finished products, raw and auxiliary materials, and packaging materials according to the process.
  7. Do a good job in SAP system operation as required, and keep relevant documents.
  8. Conduct temperature and humidity management on the lithium hydroxide warehouse to ensure that the storage conditions of the products meet the requirements, and record the temperature and humidity data every day.
  9. Make daily and monthly reports of lithium hydroxide, yuan ming powder, lithium concentrate and lithium slag, and upload them to the shared disk.
  10. Cooperate with the production plan to do a good job of lithium hydroxide, packaging materials, etc.
  11. Warehouse safety inspection and abnormal situation report.
  12. Responsible for the demagnetization of lithium hydroxide warehouse once a week and make records.
  13. 5S management of finished product warehouse, yuan powder warehouse, lithium mine warehouse and lithium slag warehouse.

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