Since 2015, the IWiMSpeakUp initiative has focused on the promotion of women as experts and leaders in their corresponding areas of knowledge at industry meetings, conferences and thought-leadership initiatives throughout the world. For this, we partner with event organisers and connect them with highly qualified women who become speakers, panellists or expert participants.

Through this initiative, IWiM aims to spotlight and leverage the experience and perspective of outstanding women in mining, and create visible change by redefining expectations of how industry expertise is presented and shared.


Event organisers

If you are an event organiser, we’d like discuss your event’s agenda and speaking opportunities. Additional to providing you with first rate expert speakers, we can also promote your event among our community of 13 000+ members worldwide, on our social media channels, our newsletters, and among local and/or regional WIM organisations and to other stakeholders.


Open call for speakers

If you or someone you know is a highly qualified woman in any discipline and/or area of the mining value chain, from any region in the world, we invite you to be part of the “IWiM Speakers Database”. Please complete the form here to nominate speakers – you can fill it out as many times as you need.

If your company would like to become a Corporate Partner to showcase your female talent at these conferences, please contact us at


Ongoing agreements and speaking opportunities

IWiM has established partnerships with a number of conferences and events focused on mining issues throughout the year. The IWiMSpeakUp team is currently working on the 2023 agenda, so check back to see updates or subscribe to our newsletter (see button at the end of the page)!

If you are interested in attending or speaking at any of the below opportunities, please contact detailing your name, expertise, and which slot and/or conference you are aiming to attend. We will get back to you very soon!



Resourcing Tomorrow, Mines & Money London – 29 November – 1 December 2022


IWiMSpeakUp put forward the following women to become speakers and moderators at the conference, making the event more diverse, inclusive and representative of expertise and talent in the industry.


The IWiM community get obtain a 10% discount when registering at the event. Register here and claim using code IWIM10.



Future Minerals Forum 2023, 10-12 January 2023, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


IWiM is a media partner of the Future Minerals Forum, where Saudi Arabia brings together governments, industry, investors, technology suppliers, educators and civil society to develop a minerals and metals value chain roadmap for the region: development, decarbonization, digitization and innovation.

You can see the preliminary programme with confirmed speakers register here.



The Future of Mining Sydney 2023, 20-21 February 2023, Sydney, Australia


This year’s theme focuses on Accelerating the roadmap to zero harm, zero entry and zero emission. In collaboration with  Mining Magazine and Mining Journal,  the Future of Mining Sydney is the region’s most prestigious annual opportunity to connect with other mining experts and decision makers to discuss the latest knowledge, technologies and innovation and share success stories and core challenges.

Speaking opportunities:

  • Plenary panel discussion: Responsible sourcing  
    Are miners and downstream producers realistically seeing a premium for responsibly sourced metals in a world of undersupply?
    What does it mean to mine responsibly in Australia?
    Will battery metals such as lithium, cobalt, nickel and graphite need certification to be cleared for use in carbon-fighting electric vehicles?
    What technologies can miners embrace to ensure the downstream industry is satisfied with mineral provenance?
    Is blockchain the answer for responsible sourcing or a solution looking for a problem?
  • Panel discussion: Autonomous technology and the zero-entry mine - is it possible to create a zero-entry underground mine, now?  
    Where is autonomous drilling in its evolution?
    Do miners trust autonomous blast technology?
    Is the deployment of teleremote for loading and haulage delivering on expectations?
  • Panel discussion: Hitting climate targets with the electric mine
    Is the industry progressing quickly enough on electrification?
    Are equipment providers close to solving the electric heavy-haulage challenge?
    Where is the diesel blind spots in the electric mine?
    How important is the role of remote renewables for the electric industry?
    Which technologies could move the electric mine from novelty to ubiquity?
  • Case study: Mine development – can you cut it?  
    Are operations using mechanical cutting delivering the results promised?
    Where are we seeing the biggest wins?
    How does mechanical cutting change the sustainability picture for operations?
    What do future iterations of the technology look like?
  • Panel discussion: Improving culture and diversity in the minerals industry  
    what is being done to support diversity and inclusion in the minerals industry – are miners taking steps toward meaningful change or just upping the rhetoric?
    What steps need to be taken to affect cultural change?
    Is the industry making genuine progress toward gender diversity?
  • Panel discussion: Australia’s Got Talent: but why isn’t it interested in mining? 
    What should the near-term recruitment strategy look like for mining?
    How should this fit within government policy and what government support is necessary?
    What does the workplace of the future need to look like to attract talent in the long term?


If interested, please write including your name, contact details and bio/CV. 



The World Mining Congress 2023 (WMC), 26-29 June 2023, Brisbane, Australia

This a unique opportunity for international representatives of the world’s leading resource economies to meet, find new partners, discuss current challenges, and share the latest research, technology and best practice. WMC events have set the scene for international agreements and high-level discussions that have influenced mining practices and the resource industry for decades.

Members of IWiM can get a discount of AUD$300 upon registration. There will be a button on the registration page for IWiM followers to select and enter to register.



The AusIMM Social & Environmental (S&E) Committeewould like to extend an invitation and seek expressions of interest to any members of Internal Women In Mining who would like to present a webinar through the AusIMM. Topics are varied and relate broadly to sustainable mining, environmental and social governance and performance. The webinars usually run for 50 minutes.

These webinars typically attract 20 – 50 participants who pay a small fee to AusIMM that covers logistical costs & provides a small income for the committee to support other initiatives. The S&E Committee who are all volunteers are constantly looking for quality presenters. If you would like present or know of anyone who is keen to build their industry or a related professional profile through this influential platform, the S&E Committee of the AUSIMM would appreciate them getting in touch.

The AusIMM promotes these webinars to members & opens them also to non-members with a substantial national & international reach.

If this is something that is of interest to you, please contact Kathryn East and Karin Fogarty, and cc Catherine Galli on


Event Organiser Testimonial

“I would like to thank you for your help with identifying and reaching out to our speakers (Sandra and Bobby). They both did a great job and their presentations were not only very interested but also very well received by the audience. As was also the whole Panel discussion. Without your help, that would not be possible. Thank you!”

Michal Drabik, UNECE


“At Mines and Money we believe that encouraging greater diversity of thought is critical for the future of the mining industry. Greater gender diversity is a key part of that process. We have been working with IWiM for a number of years now and fully support their work in driving forward diversity in mining”

Andrew Thake, Mines & Money


Speaker Testimonials

“It was a pleasure to speak at the Africa Mining Convention and have the opportunity, through the IWiMSpeakUp initiative, to share my experience and knowledge. IWiM and all the team behind it play a key part in strengthening the place of women in mining and I encourage women at all levels of the industry to join this great association.”

Narjess Naouar, Golden Star Resources


‘I was approached by IWiMSpeakUp and offered a speaking opportunity at the Africa Mining Convention which event took place on 13 July 2021. Public speaking is an important skill that helps to boost your confidence. Acting as a speaker at the Africa Mining Convention allowed me to share my specific mining related experience with a network of knowledgeable people in our industry. It also provided me with exposure to a wide range of cutting-edge topics that were presented by some of my peers in the mining world. I would encourage all IWiM members to participate in the various mining conferences that offer speaking opportunities through IWiM – it is an empowering, learning adventure which immediately raises your profile in the mining community.’

Hermien Uys, Vedanta Zinc


“When I first heard about the International Women in Mining SpeakUp program, it seemed like a worthwhile effort, so I added my name to the list of potential speakers. A group from Australia, AusIMM, was looking for a speaker with a background in governance. While my background was mainly in technical writing and editing for the mining industry, I felt that good writing was important for good corporate governance. I sent a proposal to Brenda Chan from IWimSpeakUp, and she forwarded it to AusIMM. The Geoscience Society of AusIMM accepted my proposal as a one-hour webinar, to be available to members of AusIMM as well as IWiM. I sent them a slightly longer abstract, bio, my photo, and a talk title: “Write Well and Prosper – Words and Punctuation, Heads and Subheads Matter!” The online presentation date was less than a month away, but a former colleague offered to help as my co-author. It was really good to have to flex my brain to put together a logical flow of ideas that summarised things I have learned over my career; I think technical writing is a useful skill for geoscientists and engineers to develop, no matter where they live. AusIMM as well as IWiM advertised the talk. I posted it on my LinkedIn profile to get the word out. I presented the webinar last night; there were 70 attendees; 75% of them from Australia. There were lots of questions and comments afterwards, and I think people had some fun with it. (I had inserted two polls into the presentation, which really lightened it up, and reminded people to send in questions and comments, which they did.) I believe it was useful for the AusIMM to hear from someone outside their local sphere. I’m very grateful to IWiM’s SpeakUp program for this opportunity. The hours that I spent preparing and delivering the presentation were well spent and will go towards my continuing professional development hours as a P.Geo. It was incredibly exciting for me to speak to an international audience, and receive positive feedback. In fact, I am thinking about using this or a similar talk to present to other audiences in the future, maybe in person someday.” 

Jane Werniuk


“Thank you for the enabling us to engage on matters we face as women in mining all over the world and share experiences. I am very happy to be a member of this network and I enjoyed presenting on the two conferences I attended last week through this platform. I look forward to more engagements and experiences with other members/associates of IWiM.”

Mogaleadi Seabela, Kumba Iron Ore

Media Partners