Promoting Gender Diversity and Inclusion in the Oil, Gas and Mining Extractive Industries: A Women’s Human Rights Report

The Advocates for Human Rights, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA, have published a report on Promoting Gender Diversity and Inclusion in the Oil, Gas and Mining Extractive Industries, which can be found at: “When women are supported and included, businesses do better. But it takes a holistic approach to ensure meaningful inclusion – from changing […]

The Women of Caribbean Cement Company Limited in Jamaica

The Caribbean Cement Company Limited (CCCL), based in Jamaica is the leading manufacturer of cement in the Caribbean. Its workforce includes 12 per cent women and the company has been seeing an increase in applications  from women since 2016 with some 40% of recent hires being women. At present there is one woman on the […]

Julia Baxter – Making the Business Case for Gender Equality in Mining

Monthly Profile Feature Julia Baxter, Head of Mining, Oil & Gas at Adam Smith International (ASI) says she stumbled into mining early on in her career but she’s now hooked on the sector because of the huge impact it has on people’s lives. She thrives on the opportunities to be creative and rethink how governments […]

Dr Vanessa Guthrie – “Just because you are outnumbered doesn’t mean you are wrong…. So never, ever give up”

Monthly Profile Feature Australian Dr Vanessa Guthrie has an impressive and diverse career spanning 30 years in the resources sector. Early on she realised that she wanted to work in an industry that creates value from natural resources and improves the quality of people’s lives. She loves being part of something that is physical, practical […]

Zenzi Awases – “We’re here to stay, to do a job and not just to look pretty. We must make a difference”

Monthly Profile Feature Namibian geologist Zenzi Awases is not afraid to face a challenge head on, carrying out her first job alone in the desert on foot with hyenas prowling behind her. One of the first women in Namibia to study geology in her home country she has discovered diamonds and brought two areas into […]

Barbara Dischinger – “We are Individually Powerful but if we’re United we are Stronger”

Monthly Profile Feature The founder of International Women in Mining (IWiM) and before that of WIM UK, Barbara Dischinger, is truly international herself. She’s a mix of nationalities, speaks numerous languages and has lived around the world. Modest and often understated of her achievements, she’s driven and passionate about getting a good deal for women […]

Barbara Mantebea Owusu-Konadu – “You’ll never be bored with mining”

Monthly Profile Feature Ghanaian mining engineer, Barbara Mantebea Owusu-Konadu, is looking for new opportunities and is keen to explore the world and expand her knowledge and experience of the mining sector. She’s not fazed or offended by those who question why a young woman would chose mining as a career and is keen to let […]

Urica Primus – “Be yourself, wherever you go, in whatever you do. Acceptance not adaption is needed”

Monthly Profile Feature Guyana’s Urica Primus has been an agent of change since an early age. The 25-year old president of the Guyana Women Miners Organisation (GWMO) is an unabashed workaholic who campaigns hard for diversity and to break the stereotype that women can only hold menial positions in the mining sector. She is also […]

Scholarship alert: University of Dundee, Energy Petroleum and Mineral Law Policy

There is a scholarship opportunity for a candidate interested in the Energy Petroleum and Mineral Law Policy program at University of Dundee. This is a 1-year post-graduate program suitable for lawyers and non-lawyers interested in gaining an understanding of legal and regulatory environmental within international energy and resources industries. At the conclusion of the course, […]