Women’s Workwear & Hi-vis clothing

Angelfire FD – http://www.blackstallion.com/ US Welding gloves (Stick and TIG) and Welding Jackets.

Bisley Workwear FD – www.bisleyworkwear.co.nz www.bisleyworkwear.com.au NZ AU Full overalls have a central zip design so going to the bathroom is easier, double layer knees, various colours and sizes, Fresche bacterial treatment to prevent odour.

Blacklader FD – https://www.blaklader.uk/ UK Various coloured (Hi-vis with/without reflective tape, white for painters, other standard colours) Pants and Shorts, various stretch/drill fabrics with exterior pockets designed for tradies (can hold nails, rulers, tools, stretch knee pad pockets, holster pockets (some zip-up), hammer holder).

Carhartt FD – https://www.carhartt.com/ WW Bib Overalls and Full Overalls, side stretch panels, some with waist to ankle zip for ‘unzip drop seat’ and knee pad compartments, many zippered and normal pockets and hammer loop.

Charm and Hammer FD – https://www.charmandhammer.com/ US Full overalls, Water Resistant, knee pads inserts, adjustable fit, numerous pockets. Also, Dark brown insulated overalls, leg zippers from the waist down, outside storm flap with snaps, zip front, and multiple pockets.

Covergalls FD – https://covergalls.com/ CA Various coloured full and bib overalls with a 2-Way zipper allowing a rear opening for a better toilet experience, snaps at the wrist, adjustable Velcro waist, secure pockets, available with or without reflective strip.

Dovetail Workwear FD – https://dovetailworkwear.com/collections/pants US Grey, brown, black, indigo overalls. Slingbacks, long legs.

Dromex – https://www.dromex.co.za/ SA Ladies Cal Arc suits and Ladies Flame & Acid suits

East Coast Welding Supplies FD – https://eastcoastweldingsupplies.com.au/ AU Jackets and welding gloves.

Fristads FD – https://www.fristads.com/ WW Various colours (including hi vis) tradie pants (some flame retardant) with knee pads, pockets for of rulers, nails, mobile phone, knife etc.

FRSafety FD – https://www.frsafety.com/

Granite Workwear – https://www.graniteworkwear.com/ UK Highly rated and available in a wide range of colours- Carhatt Crawford women’s bib & brace overall, Carhatt women’s stretch denim bib & brace overalls, Betacraft 9517 women’s waterproof bib & brace overalls, Dickies ladies zip front overall

GreenHam – https://www.greenham.com/ UK Women’s trousers, Polo shirts, T-shirts, fleeces & jackets

L.Brador FD – https://www.lbrador.com/ EU Various colours (including hi vis) tradie pants with knee pads, pockets for of rulers, nails, mobile phones, knife etc.

Lincoln Electric FD – https://www.lincolnelectric.com/ US Welding gloves (Steelworker or MIG), welding jacket and helmets.

Portwest FD – https://www.portwest.com/ WW Navy and Orange with reflective tape, Flame Resistant Welding Overalls FR51, CE certified, Flame resistant (protection against radiant, convective and contact heat), Certified protection against molten metal splash, Class 2 welding protection.

Protec Direct – https://www.protecdirect.co.uk/ UK Ladies clothing and corporate wear, shirts, blouses, trousers and jackets

Safety Girl FD – https://www.safetygirl.com/ US Carhartt Insulated Bib overalls, side stretch panels, waist to ankle zip for ‘unzip drop seat’, many compartments with zippers and pockets and hammer loop.

SelectPPE – https://www.selectppe.co.za/ SA Ladies workwear jackets, trousers, dungarees with reflective tapes, and reflective jackets.

SheWear –  https://www.shewear.com.au/ AU cargo pants, cargo shorts, women’s polo shirts, socks, shell jackets, fleece front zipper hoodies.

Snickers Workwear FD – https://www.snickersworkwear.com/ US Black Flame retardant underwear incl sports bra, underwear, long sleeve t shirt, short sleeve t shirt.

3m Speedglas FD – https://www.3m.com/

Tranemo FD – http://www.tranemoworkwear.co.uk/ UK US EU Various colours (including hi vis) tradie pants (some flame retardant) with knee pads, pockets for of rulers, nails, mobile phone, knife etc.

Weldfabulous FD – https://weldfabulous.com/ US Large selection of Welding Gloves and Jackets from many brands with range of colours. 

Zanux Overalls FD – www.zanux.co.nz NZ Full overalls have a central zip design so  going to the bathroom is easier, slots for knee pads, various colours and sizes available and special orders are possible for Hi-vis colours.