WIMWiN Mine Your Potential event

Elvia Torres Morales of Mosaic Potash Esterhazy attended the WIMWiN Mine Your Potential event in September in Saskatchewan. Here are highlights:

Key Note Speaker: “Meandering through a career in Mining” – Dr. ‘Lyn Anglin Chief Scientific Officer at Imperial Metals Corporation based in Vancouver discussed her career path and some key decisions she made and what she learned from them. One of her lessons learned was “Don’t sell yourself short”, she offered some statistics about why women don’t apply to jobs since they think need to meet 100% of the requirements, men do not think the same and believe if they meet 87% they have a good chance.

“Mining Champion” focused on the theme of  learning what you need to know, where to find answers and how to address situations when you’re put on the spot as the “resident expert”.

“Work life Balance” focused on a reality check of what your life looks like, whether it charges you or drains you. Work life balance is not about time but a state of mind, it is how you feel. Solid advice from a Certified Life Coach.

“Mining 101” Edith  felt like she was back at the University!  Great explanation about the life of a Mine.  The  focus was on a Mine development project in BC.

“Open Mic” open forum to discuss whatever we wanted. This was actually a great discussion,  so many questions. How can we empower young women to continue a professional education after high school? , how can we integrate other women working as trades to participate and join this group?.  what can we do to support women not lo leave the workforce specially in careers like Engineering? How can we know what motivate them to leave? , what can we do to create and strength communication with Men supporting women inside the organisations? There were lots of opinions nothing concrete but I think there was a great time well spend. We will need days to come up with ideas and strategies.


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