WIMWA/ CEL (Melbourne) Scholarship – applications due before 9am Friday 9th of October

Centre for Ethical Leadership/WIMWA Scholarship

WIMWA is delighted to announce that thanks to Professor Robert Wood and The Centre for Ethical Leadership (CEL) a scholarship is available for the November 2015 Ethical Leadership Program. This is open to anyone who attended our recent WIMWA Summit, or is a current member of WIMWA.

To apply for the scholarship please send a 200 word submission before 9am Friday 9th of October to wimwa_events@iinet.net.au  outlining how this opportunity would benefit you and other women in the mining and resource sector.

The Ethical Leadership Program is designed to prepare leaders for rapid reinvention. It inspires action through research centric thought leadership and undeniable truths.

The program provides a framework and tools to develop practical ethical reasoning skills. Program educators provide coaching and mentoring throughout the course, and opportunities to practice and explore challenging current case studies through role-play.

The diversity and seniority of the cohort contributes to the lively discussions of the ethical issues that confront leaders. The discussions with peers, time for reflection and guidance on the application of ethical framing and the minimisation of bias and blind spots all contribute to produce exceptional outcomes for participants.

With business leaders today operating in an environment of unprecedented change, the program supports organisations seeking to develop and retain high-potential candidates for leadership roles and is aimed at:

•        Senior Managers
•        Directors
•        Project Managers
•        Heads of Operating Units

The Ethical Leadership Program is a non- residential program. The scholarship will cover the costs of the course only –  air fares and accommodation are the responsibility of the recipient.

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