WIMARQ Lunch and Learn

First WIMARQ lunch and learn for 2019

Date : Tue 12th Feb 2019

Time : 1:30 pm – 2:30 pm

Venue : QRC Conference Rooms Level 13 , 133 Mary St, Brisbane, Australia

There is much dialogue about mental health these days, particularly in the workforce, and a Brisbane-based company has come up with innovative technology to enhance workplace mental health.

MateCheck sets up real- time connectivity between employer and employee –providing vital support to employees in monitoring their mental health and wellbeing and getting help when they need it.

According to CEO Elise Hogan, MateCheck has had some exceptional results with their solution in the mining industry.

The company’s lead Psychologist Arissa Brunelli, will discuss the importance of the preventative framework that drives MateCheck’s philosophy, initiatives and service provision.

She will also share insights into some of the most common issues facing workers, and affecting their performance, health and well-being in the mining and resource sector.

Case examples will also be utilised to demonstrate how MateCheck’s service provision combined with maintaining a robust and effective relationship with HR and H&S professionals, can assist both employees and the business.

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