WIM Toronto Talk

“Brown Bag” – Bring your own lunch

Date: Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Time: 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM

Location: HudBay Minerals Inc. – 25 York St., Suite 800, Toronto, ON M5J 2V5 

Cost: Free – Registration is Required

Register by Friday, May 31st as space is limited!

Event Contact: Patricia Wood at wimtorontochapter@gmail.com

Please register no later than May 31st at: http://www.women-in-mining.com/event-3387382


Technical Talk
Dr. Kim Tait
Curator of Mineralogy, Royal Ontario Museum

Exploring the Solar System: A Story 4.5 Billion Years in the Making

We are living in an extremely exciting time for space exploration. From the NASA led OSIRIS-REx mission to return material in 2023, to Mars 2020 which is setting up the eventual return of samples from Mars in the 2030s.  Dr. Kim Tait is the Senior Curator and Teck Endowed Chair of Mineralogy who is involved in these missions and will give an update of the current status of what is happening and has been known to bring interesting rocks to share!


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