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One of the reasons International Women in Mining was established was to reach out and connect with women working in the mining industry across the globe. We are now connected with over 50 independent Women in Mining (WiM) associations, based in every continent – relationships we have nurtured over many years.

Because of our extensive experience building a women’s network, together with our social media outreach, we are able to support WiM groups in the following ways:

  • Work together on projects and activities
  • Publish their newsletters and press releases on our website, and promote their activities on our social media feeds
  • Publish their activities in our monthly newsletter
  • Publish their contact details and a group description in our global WiM groups directory
  • Add their events to our global WiM calendar
  • Introduce them to other WiM groups
  • Introduce potential members to them
  • Offer other advice if requested

We also help new WiM groups become established. Click on advice to see what we offer to new WiM groups.



Yvette Philippe Agbognihoue, +229 97 32 01 08, email | email


Women in Mining Botswana
Malebogo Marumoagae, Coordinator Email
Facebook pagegroup


L’Association des femmes du secteur minier du Burkina (AFEMIB)
Marie-Rose Aida Tamboura, email, tel. (office) +226 50 36 09 72, (mobile) +226 70 21 23 20/76 21 23 20


National Network of Women in Mines (RENAFEM)
Nationale du Réseau National Des Femmes Dans Les Mines
Coordinator/Coordonnatrice: Annie Sinanduku Mwange
Rural Development Technician/Technicienne en Développement Rural
Email | Tel. +243 811834005, 994495159


Le Réseau des Femmes du Secteur Minier de Côte d’Ivoire / « Women in Mining Côte d’Ivoire » (FEMICI) a pour but de faire la valorisation et la représentativité de la femme dans le secteur des mines.
Christine Logbo-Kossi, email, tel. + 225 08 08 89 16 / 59 06 30 05
Email / Facebook


WIM Egypt was set up in June 2014. To get in touch with them contact WIM Toronto who helped them set up.


WIM Ghana
Women in Mining (WIM) Ghana, was incorporated as a company limited by guarantee in the year 2015. The main purpose among others is to serve as an advocacy body for all women working in the mining sector (Industry, Academia and Government) by offering training, mentorship, networking and research projects. Thus, WIM incorporates women from upstream to downstream (i.e. whole value chain) in the resources sector. Website | LinkedIn
Georgette Barnes, President, Email | Secretary, Email | Tel. 00233553699607


Woman in Mining est une association professionnelle, organisation à but non lucratif, en formation, qui regroupe et défend les intérêts des femmes évoluant dans l’industrie extractive en général et le secteur des mines en Guinée.
Elle a pour objectifs majeurs: Promouvoir la présence des femmes dans le secteur minier; aider au développement de leur carrière; plaidoyer pour les intérêts des femmes et des industries extractives auprès des institutions nationales et internationales; appuyer et accompagner les femmes porteuses de projets économiques, sur toute la chaîne de valeur; promouvoir la Bonne Gouvernance dans les secteur extractifs; augmenter le nombre de membres; les femmes doivent être au cœur de l’industrie extractive.
Website | Facebook page | Facebook group | LinkedIn group | TwitterID @WimGuinee
Mariama Berete, Execeutive Director, +224 621 11 99 49, mail


The Association of Women in Energy and Extractives in Kenya (“AWEIK”) is a nation-wide organization that aims to connect women in Kenya with professional and business opportunities in the extractives value-chain through fostering relationships and sharing knowledge and experiences. Although AWEIK is essentially a networking organization, we have a strong commitment to take part in the broader community and support various causes towards the empowerment of women impacted or affected by the extractives industry in Kenya. Their chairlady is Lucy Githaiga.
Tel. +254 715788869 | Email
Website | Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn


WIM Madagascar is a subgroup of WIM International which aims at supporting, and empowering women working on the mining sector. The objective is to network and share experiences of women working in this sector in Madagascar; and focus on the promotion of the sustainability of this activity in the country.
Angelique Rasolonjatovo, Junior Account Manager – CSR Focal Point at Richfield Investor Services, angie_rasolonjatovo@yahoo.fr


Malawi Women in Mining Association (MAWIMA)

Emma Adam
Tel. +265 999 410 095

Hellen Chasowa
Regional Chairperson, South
tel. +265 888 938 833


AFEMINE – L’Association des Femmes Minières du Mali est le réseau qui regroupe toutes les structures et groupement syndiqués des femmes dynamiques qui se sont lancées dans cette activité des mines au Mali. Créée en Janvier 2002 AFEMINE a des partenaires à travers Mali Mining House-SA qui sont: Central African Mining & Exploration Company PLC (CAMEC) et Central African Gold PLC. L’association est très dynamique sur le terrain avec ses équipements pour extraire
l’or, et les pierres semi précieuses du Mali.
Mariam Toure, email, +223 76 45 51 50


Women in Mining Association Namibia (WiMAN)
The association’s main objectives are:
• To be the leading organization that provides one national voice that promotes and empowers women in the mining industry;
• To create an empowering network that will inspire, support and develop the advancement of women working in the minerals exploration and mining industry through providing access to education, skills development, mentorship and representation;
• To provide a consultative forum for members;
• To advise companies how to increase the number of young women in the industry – specifically in the technical fields; and
• To advise companies how they can retain women currently in the industry by providing mentoring and coaching opportunities.
Zenzi Awases, Interim President, email, tel. +264812378514


Association des Femmes du Secteur des Industries Extractives du Niger (AFSIEN)/
Women in Mining Niger
Mme Maiga Fourera, President
Mme Ousseini Fati Halidou, Vice President
Contact:  Mariama Galadima, Assistant, External Relations, email


Women in Mining Nigeria
Women in Mining, Nigeria (WIMIN) is a not-for-profit non-governmental organization(NGO) borne out of the necessity of ensuring that women in the mining sector are adequately protected in a system where the capital outlay on investment is capital intensive and knowledge required is challenging. We started as a small Women In Mining chapter in Nigeria, and now we have grown to a membership of well over 1,500 persons all engaged in mining related activities which ranges from Gemstone collection and trading, to financing gemstone collections, working on metallic ores, tin sheds or as professionals (geologist, mining engineers).
The background of members is diverse including lawyers, bankers, educationists involved in various capacities in mining and supporting our cause in Nigeria. Nigeria is a major player in the Oil & Gas industry and over time has vested all its energy to focus on only this industry. Nigeria is a country so rich in other natural resources but it is yet to fully actualize the development of mining other minerals because of the abundance of crude oil.

Janet Adeyemi, +1 225-328-5561, +234 806-5794162, +234 802349-0990
Email  | Facebook page | website


Women In/And Mining Organization (WIAMO)
Aline Providence Nkundibiza, Chairperson and Legal Representative. They advocate for more women to enter mining, and also the mitigation of negative impacts of mining on women.
Email | Phone: +250 788 273 173


Women in Mining Senegal (WIM Senegal) is a group that intends to regroup women working in the mining field in Senegal. WIM Senegal main objectives are:
– The promotion of women who are already working for the mining field in Senegal.
– The promotion of the mining jobs towards young Senegalese ladies at university, mostly of the technical fields.
– Inside the mining activities areas in Senegal, the support and help to maintain young girls at school.
Lika Scott – President and Chairman of the Board, Mobile: +221 777 563 136, wim.senegal@gmail.com
Website | Facebook page | Twitter LinkedIn group


Leeuwpan Women in Mining
The purpose of this Forum is to track the progress made on the 2003 Framework on Women in Mining agreed to in the Chamber of Mines Agreement of 2003/2004 to 2004/2005. We will also be changed with duty of proactively addressing women specific issues at the Leeuwpan Mine (Exxaro).
+27 13 665 7670
Email  |  Facebook

Women in Mining South Africa (WIMSA)
Website | Facebook page | LinkedIn group | TwitterID @WomenInMiningSA

WIMSA : Lindiwe (Lindi) Nakedi: lindi@gubhani.co.za

Women in Mining
Mostly ladies from Rustenburg
Facebook group

South African Women in Mining Association (SAWIMA)
was launched in December 1999, when former Deputy Minister of Trade and Industry, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, was appointed Minister of Minerals and Energy. The focus of SAWIMA is two-fold:
– To assist informal mining groups to obtain mineral rights and run mining businesses/operations and
– To promote female empowerment in the mining sector in accordance with provisions of the Mining Charter.
– Assist the women mining groups (informal and formal) to obtain mineral rights and operate businesses in the mining sector.
– Address socio-economic challenges that confront women (aspiring entrants and established) in the mining sector.
Promote women empowerment in the mining sector, in accordance with the provisions of the Mining Charter.
Chairperson: Melody Kweba, Tel:  +27 11 834 9039, +27 11 268 2547, admin@sawimih.co.za


TAWOMA – Tanzania Women Miners Association
The Tanzania Women Miners Association (TAWOMA) is a Non Governmental Organisation, and non-profit making. It was registered in November 1997
The main objective of the Association is to address problems of disorganized mining, including mining related activities, economic hardships, poverty alleviation, and prevention of diseases affecting Tanzania society in general, and Women Miners and children in particular.
Much has been done by the Association, in terms of organizing Women Miners, and educating them on the hazards of indiscriminate mining, and its effect to the environment. But, it has become apparent that Women Miners, need to be empowered, through economic means as well. TAWOMA members, are engaged in small scale mining of gemstones, gold, diamonds, and industrial minerals.
Website 1 | Website 2 | Facebook group 


AFEMET: Association des Femmes Minières ou en Entreprise duTogo, créée en2014
Atafeinam Rosine Abalo, President, +228 90 83 17 77, mail


WIMOWA: Women in Mining of West Africa
Coordonnées téléphoniques: +226 25 36 0972 /
Email: wimowa@gmail.com


AZWIM (Association of Zambian Women in Mining)
Chairperson: Ms Mary Mande Lubemba, Telephone: +260 09 7887 8613, nanga@africamail.com
Vice-Chair: Mary Anne Nguni, maryannenguni@yahoo.com

Association for the Empowerment of Women in Gemstone and Mineral Mining (AFWIGMM)
The Association for the Empowerment of Women in Gemstone and Mineral Mining (AFWIGMM) is a membership, non-political, non-governmental organisation (NGO) established on 10th June 2003.
Mrs Winnie Ndhlovu, Cell: +260 097- 774911 / 096-749592, Telephone: + 260 21 97 7 774911/231358/231317 or +260 1 291467
Still active?


Lilian Mugwambi, Mambosasa Legal Practitioners, Telephone: cell phone 0026377885528358 landline 002634764214
lilian@mambosasa.com or queenlil9@yahoo.com

Eveline Musharu, president of the 50,000-strong NGO Zimbabwe Women in Mining, founded in 2003

Zimbabwe Women Rural Development Trust (ZWRDT), which has more than 500 members and operates mainly in the Midlands and Matabeleland provinces, also helps women get a foothold in the mining sector. More than 100 members of the organization are miners. Founded in 2007
ZWRDT director is Sarudzai Washaya

Harare Women Miners Association

WIM Zimbabwe : Blessing Hungwe. Email : blessyhun@gmail.com


WIM India
Amrita Anand, LinkedIn Moderator


PTAMNT Batu Hijau Project Site, 300 women members. Willing to grow and become a national group.
Rani Astriani, +62 811 394 9087, email


Women in Mining Mongolia is a non-government organization that supports women’s participation in the mining industry. We aim to improve diverse and inclusive decision-making practices within the mining sector in Mongolia.
Nyamaagiin Tumenbayar, WIM Mongolia Chair
Email: wimMongoliaNGO@gmail.com
Website | Facebook page | LinkedIn group | TwitterID @WIMMongolia


Diwata -Women in Resource Development, Inc., a non-government organization advocating the responsible development of the Philippines’ wealth in resources, principally, through industries such as mining, oil and gas, quarrying, and other mineral resources from the earth for processing.
Patricia Bunye, Founding President
Website | FacebookTwitter

Women in Mining Philippines


Women in Mining Singapore is a community which provides networking, professional development and mentoring opportunities to women in the mining and resources industry in Singapore. We aim to support and motivate women to challenge the status quo and become leaders in the industry.
Zayaan Kahn, Founder and Vice President WIMAR SG & Marketing Strategy Manager, Rio Tinto Copper and Coal, Mobile: +65 8518 8930, email
Website | Facebook page | Twitter | LinkedIn


WIMnet (AusIMM Women in Mining Network)
Lynn Olsen, Chair National WIMnet Committee
+61 (0)438 916 854, lolssen@snowdengroup.com
Website WIMnet Facebook page | LinkedIn group | Women in Mining Australia Facebook page

WIMnet Victoria
Women in Mining and Resources Victoria (WIMnet Victoria) supports women who work in water, energy, minerals and natural resource management through influence and advocacy, professional development, access to mentoring relationships and networking.
WIMnet Victoria represents the interests of women in mining and resources today and works to shape the industry of tomorrow.
The WIMnet Victoria network has grown to more than 400 members representing over 80 companies with connections to energy (both renewable and non-renewable), minerals, mining, agriculture and natural resource management.
Join us to celebrate the crucial contribution of women in the mining and resources sector!
Gabriela Love – Chair, wimnetvic@ausimm.com.au
LinkedIn group

WIMWA (Women in Mining & Resources Western Australia) – Perth
The Perth Women in Mining Networking group started in 2003 with the idea of trying to work out how to do something proactive about keeping people in the industry. One way was to create a forum where people can get together and talk about where they have been and where they are going and all the issues created by the modern mining industry – commuting, family etc. WIMWA – Women in Mining Western Australia – has had great success, with over 200 people at their bimonthly networking functions, and a variety of high profile and inspiring speakers.
Sabina Shugg, Head of Mining at Momentum Partners – Chair, +618 6467 3400, MOB:  +61 (0)417 99 8586,
sshugg@kpmg.com.au, events enquiries
Website | LinkedIn group | Facebook | TwitterID @WomenInMiningWA

WIMWA Pilbara
Jo Barron-Perry, Deputy Chair AusIMM WIMnet
M: +61 (0)417 970 046, email 

WIMARQ (Women in Mining and Resources Queensland) – Brisbane
WIMARQ is a group of volunteers who support, mentor and encourage women in the minerals and energy sectors. WIMARQ champions gender diversity by sharing information about gender diversity issues, strategies and statistics, and welcomes women and men from across the sector to their events in Brisbane and regional locations.
Maria Joyce, Committe Chair email
Website Facebook page | Facebook group | LinkedIn group | TwitterID @WomenInMiningQ

WIMnet NSW – Sydney
Fiona Robertson, email
Website1 |  Website2 |  Facebook page

WIMnet Hunter Valley 
Deirdra McCracken on +61 (0)2 6544 5409 or Kate Swain on +61 (0)2 4924 8914, Email
Facebook page

WIMnet South Australia – Adelaide
Chair: Nicole Edkins, Principal Mining Regulator, DMITRE – email; Deputy Chair: Anna Griffin, Manager at PwC – email 
WIMnet South Australia are aligned with AusIMM and are focused on hard rock mining only

WinRSA (Women in Resources South Australia) – Adelaide
Lucy McEwen, Chair email, Phone +61 8 8201 9641, Mobile +61 412 846 570. Janny Spilsbury-Schakel, Deputy Chair
WinRSA are aligned with the State Chamber of Mines and Energy and focus on hard rock and oil and gas.

WiR (Women in Resources)
Women in Resources Inc. are a voluntary, not-for-profit member organisation that represents and promotes women in the resources sector in the Territory. The network originated out of a need identified by industry and driven by committed women in the sector. A committee consisting of 11 individuals represent the following sectors: construction, mining, oil and gas, transport and logistics and support services.
Women in Resources works together with government, industry and community organisations to champion initiatives such as talks and networking events primarily aimed at bringing together women in varied job roles from all areas of the primary resources industry.
Events are scheduled to run quarterly to bring women together to discuss points of interest, initiate strategies for increasing the female workforce and provide professional development through workshops and guest speakers.
Linda Young, Chair, Tel. +60419 228 785, Email

AWRA (Australian Women in Resources Alliance)
The Australian Women in Resources Alliance (AWRA) is an industry-led initiative dedicated to helping employers attract, retain and reap the rewards of women in resources workplaces.
AWRA is jointly funded by the Australian Government through the National Resource Sector Workforce Strategy and the resource industry employer group AMMA, with leadership from industry bodies and employers across Australia. The AWRA Program is delivering a range of projects to inform and support employers.
EmailWebsite | LinkedIn group | TwitterID @AustWRA

IWIMA (Indigenous Women in Mining Australia)
Florence Drummond, Founder Email

IWIMWA (Indigenous Women in Mining Western Australia)
Mimi Cole, Co-Founder Email
Facebook group

Mining Women Support Group
Mining Women Support Group is about encouraging & supporting women whose Partners work FIFO/DIDO. Everyone is very welcome & is free to be who they are without fear of being judged. We place value on the role Women play in supporting their Partners, but also the family unit. We are people lifters! Located in Queensland

WOMEESA (Women in Earth & Environmental Science Australasia)
Creating a unified Australasian network of women in Earth and Environmental Sciences in academia, government and industry.
Email | Website | Facebook | Twitter


Straterra Inc. holds the secretariat for Women in Mining New Zealand (WIMNZ) with the support of the AusIMM WIMnet.
Women in Mining New Zealand is an informal group of more than 130 women who work across the entire spectrum of the mining and mineral exploration industry. The main focus of WIMNZ is to provide a platform for discussion, networking and professional development for women involved in the mining and resource sector. Key areas that we are focussing on are:
–  Increase attraction and retention of women in the mining industry and provide a support network for development across regional areas of NZ;
–  Provide more Mentoring and Professional Development opportunities – we would like to see an increased interaction with senior management and more women in senior roles;
–  Proactive Communication – promote our success stories and raise the profile and public perception of the mining sector as a whole.
Contact: Geena Kumar, email
LinkedIn group


WiM Finland
Website | Facebook


Women in Mining Russia & CIS
Alina Uritskaya
LinkedIn Group


WIM Sweden, Emma Härdmark, Mobile: + 46 (0)70 346 60 48
Facebook group | website


Women in Mining (UK) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting the employment, retention and professional development of women in the mining sector. This group was created in 2006 and now includes 1200 members representing a variety of mining-related businesses and professions. Membership is free and open to all women in the mining industry, wherever they work. Women in Mining provides information and networking opportunities to its members, and promotes the role of women to the mining industry and the sector as a career choice for women.
Contact Emma Johnson on Tuesdays and Wednesdays on +44 (0) 7703 621 940 or email her to get in touch.
Website | LinkedIn group | TwitterID @WIM_UK

Women in Mining Cornwall
Amanda Willis, +44 (0)7980 627 075, email

IOM3 Women in Materials
The IOM3 WIM group has been established in 2012 to:
– Raise the profile of women in IOM3
– Investigate the work of other professional science and engineering organisations in relation to female members
– Engage with all female members regarding mentoring, networking, education and professional development
LinkedIn group | Website
Sarah Boad, email


Patricia Figueroa, email


RNMM (Red Mujeres Mineras / National Network Women in Mining)
Red Mujeres Mineras is a women in mining group created due to the necessity to define and strengthen women’s roles within the mining industry at national and local organizations. It is a platform where women can bring their concerns to the forefront and also exchange ideas and knowledge that can be used to guide them in their principles and actions. RNMM brochure


Contact Barbara Email


women in mining CHILE
Claudia Monreal Lopes, Principal, Core Mining Studies, +56 32 299 82 00, email, website

WIMLATAM (Women in Mining Latin America)
Disandes International Foundation is committed to women working in mining or related industries. Through Women in Mining & Resources Latin America (WIMLATAM) we foster women’s professional development, look after the well-being of women actively participating in the industry and support their work through capacity-building, education and fundrising initiatives. We also organise events to  rise Latin American extractive industry’s awareness of women’s contributions to the mining, oil and gas sectors.
Carla Martinez
Website | Facebook page | LinkedIn group


WIMLATAM (Women in Mining Latin America)
Disandes International Foundation is committed to women working in mining or related industries. Through Women in Mining & Resources Latin America (WIMLATAM) we foster women’s professional development, look after the well-being of women actively participating in the industry and support their work through capacity-building, education and fundrising initiatives. We also organise events to  rise Latin American extractive industry’s awareness of women’s contributions to the mining, oil and gas sectors.
Isabel Buitrago, email, (+61) 0401649759 
Website | Facebook page | LinkedIn group


WIM Mexico
Euridice Gonzalez, email, +52 6731 068 605
LinkedIn group

WIMLATAM (Women in Mining Latin America)
Disandes International Foundation is committed to women working in mining or related industries. Through Women in Mining & Resources Latin America (WIMLATAM) we foster women’s professional development, look after the well-being of women actively participating in the industry and support their work through capacity-building, education and fundrising initiatives. We also organise events to  rise Latin American extractive industry’s awareness of women’s contributions to the mining, oil and gas sectors.
Website | LinkedIn group


Guyana Women Miners Organisation (GWMO), established in 2012
Located in the top flat of Lot 57 Robb and Oronoque Streets, Georgetown, Guyana
Urica Primus, President
Email | Facebook page


WIMLATAM (Women in Mining Latin America)
Disandes International Foundation is committed to women working in mining or related industries. Through Women in Mining & Resources Latin America (WIMLATAM) we foster women’s professional development, look after the well-being of women actively participating in the industry and support their work through capacity-building, education and fundrising initiatives. We also organise events to  rise Latin American extractive industry’s awareness of women’s contributions to the mining, oil and gas sectors.
Monica Alonso
Website | Facebook page | LinkedIn group


Lita Calenzani, email, +51 932 125566


WIM Uruguay
The group is headed by Helga Chulepin, a geologist and mining engineer currently working as Community Realtions & Corporate Social Responsibility Manager for Zamin Resources
+598 95621951


Women in Mining Canada
Women in Mining Canada (WIMC) is a national not-for-profit organization formed in 2009 focused on advancing the interests of women in the minerals exploration and mining sector. In collaboration with Canadian WIMC branches we support grassroots initiatives in the realm of personal and professional development, while providing a national voice within the global minerals and mining community. Nancy Komperdo is President.
Website | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter ID @wim_canada

British Columbia

WIMBC is a non-profit organisation that empowers and advances women in the mining industry by creating opportunities for connection, advocating for diversity across the sector and for being recognized as a leading voice within the mining industry. We are an effective organization with a strong leadership team that works alongside our volunteers and committee members, striving to make beneficial industry partnerships and add further value to our members by creating high-level events.
Mona Forster, Chair  Email | Facebook group

WIM Vancouver
The focus of Women in Mining Vancouver Branch is primarily networking and raising money for various community charities. All women who are working in, or associated with, the mineral exploration and mining sector, whether they be geologists, lawyers, engineers, or accountants, have an opportunity to meet monthly with other women in the industry. Currently there are over 800 members.
Mafalda Arias – Chair, Email
Website | TwitterID @WIMBC

WIM Elk Valley
Elk Valley Women in Mining (WIM) was started in mid 2012. This group is for any women who are involved in mining in any way. If you already work in mining, want to work in mining, live in a mining community or have family members who work in mining, then you are more than welcome to join us. The establishment of this group provides a forum for networking and building relationships with other women in the same industry and geographic location and also has the objective of providing professional development opportunities for its members. The group is also interested in community involvement through charitable initiatives.
Jo-Anna Singleton, President | TwitterID @ElkValleyWIM  Still active?

WIM Kootenays/WIM Northern BC
Anastasia Ledwon Email

WIM South Central (ex-WIM Kamloops)
Nicole Trudell, Chairman Email
Julie Dormer, Vice-President
Email | Facebook

Greater Vancouver Mining Women’s Association
The Greater Vancouver Mining Women’s Association was formed in 1975 as a fellowship organization for spouses of people connected with the mining industry. By 1977 it had evolved into a charitable organization with a mandate to raise public awareness of mining through education. Since then, the Greater Vancouver Mining Women’s Association (GVMWA) has operated as a non-profit organization registered under the Societies Act of British Columbia. It brings women together who are involved with the mining industry, either directly or indirectly, and from both industry and supply sectors. The members have raised a considerable amount of money over the years through craft fairs, fashion shows, raffles, publishing cook books and through many other projects. The funds raised have allowed the GVMWA to finance scholarships at the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and the British Columbia Institute of Technology to assist women in mining related studies.


WIM Manitoba
Marilyn Chubaty  Email

WIM Winnipeg
Tel: +1 204 949-4274, Email1 | Email2
Monthly meetings in Winnipeg at 201 Portage Ave

University of Manitoba

WIM Nickel Belt (Thompson)


AWIM – Aboriginal Women in Mining
Kirkland Lake, Ontario
AWIM is dedicated to helping unemployed/under employed women with aboriginal heritage/linage access careers in mining and related industry. Our goal is to find employment for an minimum of 80 women over the next two years. (April 1, 2013 – March 31, 2015)
We help families thrive by supporting women in achieving their goals to be independent and self reliant.
We are a small group of women determined to help as many women as we can achieve there employment goals. The dedication of our team is unparalleled in the time and effort we put into support our ladies in all aspect in their lives.
AWIM is open to any women of aboriginal descent in Northeastern Ontario. We are open to others outside this area and are continuously looking to expend our partnerships beyond our current 6 local mines.
Tel: +1 705-567-1133, Email | Facebook page

WIM Kingston
The Women In Mining Kingston Student Chapter works to give students the tools to succeed in the industry through networking events and workshops
Email | TwitterID @WIMKingston

WIM Northern Ontario
Women in Mining Northern Ontario is a not-for-profit organization striving towards creating awareness, and providing opportunities for mentoring and networking for women in the mining, mineral exploration and related support services within the industry.
A community of women professionals working in the mining sector; WIMNO provides a platform to acknowledge and celebrate successes and accomplishments of women in the mining industry, offer professional development through education, mentorship and networking, and provides information on job opportunities and events.
Charmaine Gazdic, +1 705-675-8613 ext 227, EmailFacebook group

WIM Toronto
The Women in Mining Network of Toronto is a lively, informal group of more than 250 women who work across the entire spectrum of the mining and mineral exploration industry. The purpose of our network is to share knowledge, experience and relationships that will encourage the growth and diversity of women in the mining sector. It also gives women a forum to make presentations, and to put ideas into practice.
Main current activities: Monthly lunches and an annual fund-raising effort for breast cancer research
Chair: Christine Petch, and Vice Chair: Mary Mackenzie, Miranda Werstiuk Email
Website | LinkedIn | TwitterID @WIMToronto

Women Who Rock
Women Who Rock is a social club dedicated to supporting and empowering dynamic women as they develop their career in the mining industry. Women Who Rock was created to build a better sense of community amongst women working in the mining industry.  It is our hope that as relationships between women develop and grow, opportunities within the industry for women will be created and we will attract more female talent.
Caroline Williams, Director of Corporate Relations, Email


WIM Montreal
Heather Ednie, Email
Facebook page | LinkedIn group

WIM Val-d’Or
Val-d’Or is situated on the Cadillac Fault, a rich gold zone from Louvicourt, Quebec (just east of Val-d’Or) to Timmins Ontario. We have been meeting monthly since April 2008 (except for the summer months). Email


WIMWiNSK (Women in Mining and Women in Nuclear Saskatchewan)
To provide opportunities for personal and professional development for members working within the fields of minerals, mining, nuclear and radiation.  To make the public aware of the benefits of minerals, mining, nuclear, and radiation applications and of the safety measures undertaken to ensure protection of the public and the environment.
WIM/WiN-SK supports the mission of WIM Canada and WiN-Canada.  WIM/WiN-SK aims to provide opportunities for members for personal and professional development.  WIM/WiN-SK aims to maintain a dialogue with the public to promote factual awareness about the contribution to people and society from minerals, mining, nuclear and radiation technologies. WIM/WiN-SK aims to contribute to knowledge and experience exchange among members and chapters of the parent organizations. WIM/WiN-SK promotes career interest in engineering, science, technology, the trades and other related professions, especially among women and young people.
Anne Gent, +1 (306) 321-2558, Email
EmailWebsite | LinkedIn | Twitter ID @WIMWinSK


is a regional not for profit organization focused on creating awareness and attraction to the opportunities for rewarding careers for women in the mineral and mining industry. YukonWIM develops initiatives that foster personal and professional development, through awareness, education and networking opportunities.
Anne Lewis, Chair, +1 867-335-1452, Email
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Women Involved in Natural Resources (WINR) is a Non-Governmental Organization which comprises of fourteen (14) women from rural communities across Trinidad and Tobago who extract materials from nature to utilize in their businesses.
Each member has been educated on how to manage their business sustainably and to combat the effects of climate change through the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women Project facilitated by Caribbean Natural Resource Institute (CANARI).
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Iowa Women in Natural Resources
To provide a network and support system for women in natural resources and environmental fields; To promote the entrance, retention, and advancement of women in the natural resource and environmental careers.
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Women in Natural Resources
The goal of Women in Natural Resources is to provide a avenue for women to network with each other in order to promote career growth, company networking, and mentorship. We host quarterly lunches in Denver, CO and well as happy hours.
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Women of Mines
Women who graduated from Mines have mettle. You’ve had to blaze trails, prove your worth, earn credibility, demonstrate you can do it all, and model tenacity for your younger female colleagues. Only your fellow Mines women truly understand the Mines experience from the female perspective.
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Women in Mining – National
Network dedicated to educating students, teachers and the general public about the importance of minerals.
National WIM President: Stephen Tibbals, email | email
Vice President: Linda Brown, email
Secretary: Kylie Boyce, email
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Women in Mining Education Foundation (WIMEF)
Arloa Woolford, President, email

WIM National – California Chapter

WIM National – Denver Chapter – The first group formed in the United States in 1972.
Lois Brooks, President, email | email
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WIM National – Nevada Chapter
The newest Chapter in the organization is a result of the merger of Battle Mountain and Winnemucca Chapters into one for the entire State.
President is Eve Marie Hirt, email 

WIM National – Texas

Student Chapters are:

University of Kentucky, Hannah Parker, President, email
– WIM Missouri University of Science and Technology (MST) (formally UMR), Clayton Mears, President, email | Facebook
– WIM Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (VA Tech), Nava Salehi, President, email
– Women in Mining Engineering – WIME (University of Utah), Leigh Seeley, President, email | Facebook
– Colorado School of Mines Society of Women EngineersFacebook
– Women at Colorado School of MinesFacebook
– UWSP Women in Natural Resources, WiNR is a student organization in the College of Natural Resources that encourages awareness and participation of women in natural resource careers.
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Women’s Mining Coalition
We provide members of Congress and other policy makers with facts about the modern mining industry, and the importance of mining to the U.S. economy and our daily lives. WMC members document the industry’s commitment to resource stewardship and environmentally responsible mining.
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