The IWRMP 2018 – what does the mentee application fee cover?

In a WIM group collaboration between IWiM and WIM Canada, the world’s first international mentoring program for women working in resources (IWRMP) will be launching at the PDAC International Convention, on the 6th of March 2018 in Toronto. The PDAC International Convention is the world’s leading mineral exploration convention attracting 25,000+ guests per year.

This is an exciting time because it is the first international mentoring programme for women in the resources sector!
Many of you are asking why it costs so much so here is more information of what we offer for that money. IWiM and WIM Canada are not in any way earning money from the programme and you will see we’ve put in a discount of US$1350 to what this would normally cost.

The IWRMP will follow a heavily structured framework involving:

  1. Regular email correspondence with progress milestones and accountabilities
  2. Unlimited coaching provided by Registered Psychologists
  3. Requirements for mid-program reports
  4. Invitation to monthly webinars
  5. Survey assessments issued at the end of the program

Whilst the term ‘mentoring’ is used for a program like this, we go many steps further to incorporate a gender-specific leadership tone to the program. Mentees are nurtured through the program and offered unconditional support to achieve their goals, in addition to receiving 6-7 mentoring sessions from their mentor; we are firm on holding mentees accountable and give them every opportunity to leverage from this world-class experience as best they can. As referred to on the website, here is a breakdown of costing for the program:

What does the $1650 application fee cover?

  1. Attendance at a three-hour training session covering topics involved with developing a successful mentoring partnership (APPROX RRP $500 USD)
  2. Attendance at a two-hour launch event where you will get the opportunity to enhance your networks and meet your mentor (either face to face, or virtually), other senior mentors and industry VIP’s (APPROX RRP $70 USD)
  3. Approximately eight one-hour mentoring sessions with a mentor expertly matched to your career objectives (APPROX RRP $2200 USD)
  4. Invitation to five monthly touch point webinars (APPROX RRP $250 USD)
  5. Invitation to a final Celebration Event where you will get the opportunity to enhance your networks and meet senior mentors and industry VIP’s (APPROX RRP $70 USD)
  6. Access to industry VIP’s, mentors and fellow mentees throughout the course of the program (March – September 2018)
  7. A $50 USD registration fee that is refundable if unsuccessful
  8. In total, over $3000 USD RRP value, for $1650 USD.

Female and male mentors have been invited as advocates into the program following a rigorous selection criteria. Mentors and mentees will be expertly matched by AHPRA endorsed Organisational Psychologists who have extensive experience in developing productive and meaningful mentoring partnerships within the resources sector.

Mentee applications are still open and close on the 17th of November. If you are a coordinator of a WIM Group please mention it to your members and feel free to mention it to all you know

More information and to apply go to

We are pleased to announce that RBC are the lead sponsor and will power the launch event on the 6th of March at PDAC in Toronto. More Sponsorship opportunities are available, contact us to find out about opportunities


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