Claudia Monreal – “Mining is not a field that is prepared to allow women to get to the top”

Chilean Claudia Monreal has worked across South America, Canada and Australia as a mining engineer/geo-statistician fulfilling her passion to understand geology. Being abroad has also taught her how much mining has in common across countries and cultures. A mother of three, she chose consultancy to better manage time with her family. But she says there are many inequalities against women in the industry.

WIM Chile launched in presence of Mining Minister and 200 women working in mining

Cerca de 200 mujeres en la primera cena de Women in Mining Chile Sustentare, Publicado el 13 De Agosto Del 2015 La entidad busca disminuir la diferencia de género en la industria minera, que más mujeres se inserten en esta actividad y generar redes. Cerca de 200 mujeres participaron en la primera cena del capítulo […]