Have you ever asked yourself these questions:

“How do I land a board seat?” – “How do I approach my network and market myself for maximum results?”  – “Is a board role for me? – “How do I prepare myself to serve on a board?” -“How do I write my board CV?”     –   If yes this webinar series is for you

The webinar series has been designed specifically for women.  The webinar series does not provide certification, but acts as a practical guide to women  who are considering  qualifications and marketing themselves as available for a board seat.

We launched this programme because the current board course offerings didn’t fit our needs: something that provided practical tools/tips, was affordable, was specifically tailored to the mining industry, allowed unlimited numbers of participants and offered the flexibility of viewing it live or when convenient plus unlimited replays

Our course it is not only open to our members or members of other Women in Mining groups, it is for every women working in mining regardless of being known to us or not.


“I think this is truly needed and got more out of it than I thought I would for the few that I attended. Just getting this off the ground is a huge accomplishment and you can only improve from here! It was wonderful to connect with Women for Women!”

“The quality of the information was excellent. Congratulations on putting the program together! It was very professional and well done.”

Who is the webinar series for?

It was developed specifically for women who are qualified and are considering pursuing a board seat or who may envision a board position as a part of their career trajectory.

What you will learn & how will you benefit?

The Program will provide you with the tools to explore beginning and/or building your board career

• Begin to build your knowledge of governance:

  • the roles and functions of a board and key responsibilities
  • in-depth review of the key responsibilities of directors and board operations
  • regional regulatory differences and obligations (compliance)

• Assist you in the development of your Action Plan and Board Résumé/CV to guide you in identifying board opportunities and interviews with board executives and directors

• Access to executive search consultants

• We hope that by the end you have a better understanding of how you need to communicate your strengths as well as a better understanding to decide if this is journey for you


For one session £40 = Can$75 = US$60 = Aus$75 = Euros 55 = Rand 740

For 3 sessions £90 = Can$165 = US$135 = Aus$175 = Euros 125, Rand 1665

For 5 sessions£120 = Can$220 = US$180 = Aus$230 = Euros 170, Rand 2200

For the whole series £180 = Can$330 = US$270 = Aus$350 = Euros 250, Rand 3300

Concessions: If you are from Africa (except South Africa) & certain parts of Asia and Latin America: £5 for one (US$7), £10 for 3 sessions (US$15), £15 for 5 sessions (US$20) and £20 (US$30) for the whole – contact us to check

Group rates are available upon request (10+)

You can pick and choose which sessions or how many you want and have access to recordings making it flexible. Also you can come in at any time during the course and have access to the sessions you may have missed.

The 10th session has been added as a bonus

Application Process & Additional Information

Register by email clearly stating how many sessions you are interested in and which ones. Pleas email Mia Trina our Head of Admin at info@womeninmining.net

Once your application has been received, we will contact you via email to confirm your registration, and send you a link to process your payment and an invoice.
Once payment has been received we will send you the link to the webinars.

The sessions last one hour each and will be interactive with a 30 minute Q&A session. You will have access to recordings of each session.

For more information, please see our Women on Boards webinar programme Nov 2015 and our Press Release.

This webinar programme is supported by PearTree Securities Inc. and Ernst & Young LLP