Women on Boards

We want to help you on your board journey

Becoming board ready takes preparation like with anything else. Sector knowledge or specific professional skills, assets and achievements are not enough to sit on a board. . To help you on your board journey we will now be offering you tools and resources to help you on your way, including a Women on Boards webinar programme overview specifically for female professionals working in the mining sector.

Key takeaways to help you identify your value proposition:

  • Highlight your unique skills and experiences. Don’t be afraid to stand out.
  • Consider which industries and companies interest you. Your skills are more transferable than you think. Don’t limit yourself!
  • Remember: values matter. Seek out companies with values that align with yours.
  • Don’t forget your current network. Discuss your interest in board service and your personal value proposition with people you already know.

Methods of Becoming a Member of A Board of Directors

There are five recognized methods of becoming a member of a board of directors of a corporation.

1. By merit and experience: Develop a career in corporate environment rising to the level of CEO or some “C” level position and develop a reputation for great business acumen. Good areas to have expertise include finance, mergers and acquisition, audit, technology, raising capital, and marketing.

2. By rising through the ranks in University administration, large non-profit organisations, and publishing extensively so that you are considered a thought leader who can positively contribute to board level discussions and decisions.

3. Be a family member of a family that runs a privately held business and gain stature in the family such that the power brokers in the family business invite you to participate at the board of directors level in business.

4. Serve in some high level political or governmental capacity, or be a lawyer, with extensive experience in a sector, and be viewed as having knowledge, contacts, and business acumen of great benefit to the corporation.

5. Be a corporate raider who controls enough capital to purchase a significant stake in a company and demand one or more board seats, create shareholder resolutions that seek to improve the company, and dig your teeth in for a fight for company control.

Organisations & Initiatives

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Books & Specialised Magazines


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