Mining Together 2019

Mining Together - Inclusion begins with us

Video stories showing what you are doing to make mining more inclusive.

International Women in Mining (IWiM) is launching a three-month video storytelling campaign, #MiningTogether – Inclusion begins with us, sponsored by Anglo American and De Beers Group to promote gender equality and inclusion in the mining sector.

Press Release

Wherever you are in the world, whatever your role in the mining sector, we want to hear from you about how your actions, those of a colleague, or your company have made your workplace more inclusive. Tell us how you did it and why it matters.

What are the barriers to gender equality and how do we overcome them so that everyone benefits?

We want to hear from everyone, regardless of gender, about inclusive behaviours or actions that made a positive impact on where you work.

Our aim is to share your stories and examples from February through May 2019 to promote inclusion in the mining industry and show how we can all act to bring about advantageous change.

Inclusion begins with us. Send us your short video clips and let’s make it happen. What is your inclusion moment?  Mining Together You Tube Channel

Campaign Trailer

What do I need to do to participate?

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Film yourself answering as many of these questions as you want. If only one question seems relevant, that’s fine, equally you could answer them all. Clips should be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes long.

You can video yourself or ask someone to video it. Alternatively, you can also interview two people or a team can be interviewed/ do the video.

  1. How are you getting involved in supporting gender equality?
  2. What did you do to help a colleague of a different gender/or your team to be more inclusive?
  3. What was the outcome and impact of your action for this person or team and/or the reaction and impact for the company?
  4. What do you think are the barriers to gender diversity and how can we overcome them?
  5. How is your company supporting gender diversity?
  6. If you could ask people in mining to make one change that would have a positive effect on gender equality, what would it be and why?

How can I make sure I make a good film?

Film your video with your phone somewhere quiet with good light. Faces and voices should be clear and easy to understand. If you have access to a microphone or professional filming – you are welcome to use that. Try to film your video horizontally.

Where should I send my video to?

Email your video clips to as a link. We recommend using the free service or you could share direct from your phone with a link sharing app, via Dropbox or Google drive.

Don’t forget to tell us your name, company, job title and country and include any social media handles, so we can tag you when we post.

By submitting your video you acknowledge the Terms and Conditions and allow IWiM to use your video.

What will happen to my video?

An editor will moderate the video and select some or all of your clip, which will be uploaded to our YouTube channel Mining Together-Inclusion begins with us and shared across social media. We reserve the right not to use it.

Please subscribe to our You Tube Channel and feel free to comment on the videos.