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Women on Boards

Our top priority is to delve into the issue of the under-representation (and associated regulatory changes in some regions) of women on boards.

Becoming board ready takes preparation like anything else. Sector knowledge and specific professional skills and achievements are important, but how do you become a candidate for a board position?  Is a board position right for you?  What does it involve?  What are the compliance issues? To help you on your board journey we have a developed a  Women on Boards Webinar Programme specifically for female professionals working in the mining sector.

The programme has 9 sessions: an interactive 1-hour session every month over 9 months. We have made the series affordable and you can choose either the whole programme or you can pick and choose the sessions that interest you. You will have access to recordings of each session. Even if you join the series midway you will have access to the sessions you may have missed.

 IWiM SpeakUp

Volunteer to be a Women Speaker at Conferences

Women Speakers at Conferences

We realise time and time again when looking at conference programmes that the percentage of female speakers is far lower than the actual number of women working in the industry and often there are no female speakers at all.

As we don’t believe we can or should wait for change to happen in the distant future we would like to start talking with conference organisers to put them in touch with women in the industry that would fit the skill or experience requested.


Female PPE

Why are we getting involved?

More women are now working in the mining industry but a lot of the framework hasn’t followed suit: be it separate changing rooms for women, crèche/nursery/childcare to support female employees coming back to work or work clothing amongst other things. Clothing, foot wear and safety equipment that makes you feel good and feminine is scarce.

Fitting PPE is important for a number of reasons:

  • Increased safety: if the clothes fit properly and aren’t loose there is less risk of hazards and accidents
  • Increased performance: if the clothes fit properly you can get about and perform your duties more easily
  • Increased self-confidence and well-being: Not having to wear baggy and ill-fitting clothes makes you feel good in your skin and gives you the feeling that your employer values you

PPE specifically designed for females does now exist and we hope to see the whole industry kitting out their female employees with appropriate work gear.

What we’ve seen in our industry for far too long, is women simply supplied with small men’s sizes which are not designed to fit the contours or proportions of the female body.

We welcome everyone to participate in this debate and to send in their stories
We promote manufacturers of female PPE and have listed them here


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