Webinar Session 3 – 13/07/15


“Edge Up Your LinkedIn Presence to Gain That Corporate Board Seat”

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Session 3 – “Edge Up YOUR LinkedIn Presence to Gain That Corporate Board Seat”

Everyone understands the potential for LinkedIn, but how much visibility can a board candidate expect to produce?
Despite the bad rap social media gets from time to time, LinkedIn simply cannot be ignored. It is the go-to network for professionals looking to advance their careers.

Speaker: Tracy Houston, board e-Guru

Time: 13 July 7am Vancouver , 8am Denver, 10am Toronto, 3pm London, 4pm Paris & Johannesburg, 10pm Perth, midnight Brisbane & Sydney

£40 = Can$75 = US$60 = Aus$75 = Euros 55 = Rand 740
Buy 3 get one for free

If you are from Africa (except South Africa) & certain parts of Asia and Latin America: £5 for one (US$7), £10 for 3 sessions (US$15), £15 for 5 sessions (US$20) and £20 (US$30) for the whole – contact us to check


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