IWiM Global Project | Industry Change Agent

How it works

Mentors join us via an application and selection process.

IWRMP mentors will be female and male senior leaders in the resources industry who  want to see women succeed in our sector.

Contact us if you are interested.




The opportunity to provide guidance, support and leadership to the world’s future mining leaders

Opportunity to ‘give back’ to the resources industry in a productive and unique way

Personal development


Mentor Eligibility and Time Commitments

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimum 15 years experience (most of our mentors have 20+). It isn’t just the years of experience but also seniority and experience within a company or sector that count.
  • Seniority: at least head of department, senior manager of their area reporting to executive level/C-suite or any level above
  • A strong willingness and passion to give back
  • Patience and understanding : some mentees can be in challenging situations and conversations may veer into the personal and family realm
  • Availability: Committing to speaking with their mentee at least once a month even with their busy work and travel schedule. It can be difficult for a mentee to keep focus and progression if the flow of conversations is halted for a period of months or longer than 4 weeks.

Professions: across all mining professions and industry roles, all organisations welcome (except executive search consultants)

The reason for requiring very senior mentors is to achieve our programme objective of enhancing global retention and support for women in mining. Women need to see senior role models, they need to be supported, mentored and sponsored. To really achieve a lot in 6 months we prefer senior mining executives who are very experienced in many areas and can push our female participants beyond their expectations and give them the tools to move up and be leaders themselves.

Time Commitment

  • 3-hour training session (unless mentor has been on a previous IWRMP programme but always good to refresh and get to know new mentors on the programme)
  • Minimum 6 mentoring sessions
  • Optional: more sessions with your mentee, i.e. a session every 3 weeks
  • Optional: Two events: one at launch and one to commemorate the end = opportunities to meet mentee, other mentees and mentors and to network with guests

Mentor Commitment beyond an IWRMP programme

After participating in one of our programme, mentors get the option of staying on and automatically entering our mentor pool for the next programme. If you can’t be matched the following year you get a chance the year after if the mentor wishes to stay on.