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Thank you for your interest in our global cross-company mentoring programme.

Our 2021 programme is open.

IWRMP 2021 brochure


The International Women in Resources Mentoring Programme (IWRMP) provides women the opportunity to connect with more experienced individuals or mentors, who are in a position to empower and promote them from a professional and personal development perspective. Mentors are successful senior male and female professionals in the global resources industry.

IWRMP mentees will benefit by:

  • Gaining career guidance and support from a female or male leader in the mining industry. Topics will include self-reflection, goal setting, career future-proofing, building on strengths, developing gaps, influencing and expanding your personal network.
  • Receiving comprehensive training.
  • Developing career goals with a highly experienced professional that does not have an agenda with the mentee’s workplace/country/culture.
  • Having an unbiased person to share their industry experiences with.
  • Being part of a unique, tailored and global programme for women working in the resources industry.
  • ​Some professional industry bodies recognise mentoring as a Professional Development activity that may be logged in Professional Development logbooks. Contact your professional industry body for further information to see if you qualify.
  • Develop and external network (among mentee cohort, with mentor cohort and industry)

Mentee Eligibility and Time Commitment

This programme isn’t for students. We prefer mentees with a minimum of 5 years experience. We cater for all mining professions.


Eligibility Criteria for mentees

Minimum of 5 years work experience for the programme. As we are trying to build leaders of tomorrow, ideally 10+ years experience.

Perfect for anyone but especially to those who have just had a promotion, have become managers, are uncertain what to do next, want to leave the industry, feel there is a glass ceiling and things aren’t shifting/ don’t know how to get to the next level etc
Some employers use it across geographies where they have operations to support their talent in jurisdictions where they need to focus on their licence to operate and where they need to build capacity in their local workforce. Some spread it across seniority levels and professions.
The right mentee is someone who will be able/happy to dedicate quite a number of hours on top of their busy schedule and home life to focus on this programme – the more they put into the programme the more they get out.


Time Commitment for mentees

* Compulsory – 3 hours training in person, online or listening to the recording

* Compulsory – 6-9+ sessions with their mentor

* Compulsory – Preparing sessions, homework between sessions, goal setting as per structure from the programme

* Optional – 4 mentee webinars (months 2-6)

* Optional – Online Graduation Ceremony

Training and webinars and graduation ceremony are recorded and made available to every participant.

IWRMP 2019 Testimonials

“The process of working with a mentor has been very rewarding…It feels like you have a bright, business-savvy, supportive person in your corner at all times. That person has an intelligent answer to most questions and a different perspective that can be really insightful.”

Resa Furey, April 2019

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“I am at a stage in my career as a leader where I’m starting to think – where do I want to go from here ? I live and work in a small city in Alberta, and I don’t have a lot of access to leaders for me to learn from, share stories with or ask advice. This program gives me access to mentorship on a global scale, and has connected me with other participants that are like-minded and in the same situation.

Knowing that Sherritt supports my career goals through its sponsorship is just one of the many benefits of this program. By giving me the resources and encouragement to participate, I feel recognized and valued. Not to mention, one of our senior leaders is a mentor. To me, that shows the world that Sherritt has something of value to share too and that as a company, we care about women succeeding in industry.”

Nancy Fedyniak, February 2019

IWRMP 2018 Testimonials







“The IWRMP was a world class opportunity. It was a well-structured program that provided me with the opportunity to learn leadership and coping skills, and to be empowered by an experienced mentor doing similar work in a university in Mongolia. My mentor was able to share her experiences, within a different cultural lens, and help me navigate through my own environment. We developed a great friendship.”

Nicole Tardif, November 2018

Laurentian University article in English and French

“I am really enjoying it – after every session I find that I am very motivated. The timing of the mentorship was perfect as I had a change in my role, so it was great to have someone to give me positive and proactive advice on how to deal with and manage the change to ensure the best outcome for myself.”

Veronique Tremblay, October 2018

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Mentee Fee

What does the USD3,000 fee cover?

  • Being manually matched with a mentor (best personal fit as well as professional).
  • Introduction to mentee cohort which will become a new external network and support group
  • a 3-hour comprehensive training session explaining our structured programme.
  • Training manual
  • Kickstart industry networking event where you will get the opportunity to enhance your networks and meet mentees, mentors, sponsors, organisers and industry guests.
  • Approximately eight one-hour mentoring sessions with a mentor expertly matched to your career objectives.
  • Invitation to 4 monthly webinars on relevant leadership topics.
  • Invitation to a final Celebration in person where you will get the opportunity to enhance your networks and meet mentors and industry VIPs. An online event is also available
  • Certificate
  • Access to IWRMP Alumni Group