IWiM | Industry Change Agent

As Industry Change Agent, IWiM aims to make mining a better industry through diversity, gender parity and inclusion.

Our impact goal is a stronger position and presence of women at all levels of industry.

This is achieved through:

1. IWiM Global Projects including

IWRMP , a global cross-company mentoring programme for women in mining: launched in 2018 and organised annually, IWRMP is providing support to a variety of women working in, around and with the mining sector and building the pipeline of women leaders for the industry;

* IWiMSpeakUp, focused on promoting women’s voices in industry meetings, conferences and thought-leadership initiatives: since 2015, IWiMSpeakUp is changing the conversation in collaboration with forward-looking event organisers and increasing the visibility of women across all mining disciplines and world-wide; and

2. IWiM Connections in coordination with global businesses and investors in mining, industry associations and international organisations pursuing similar transformation goals in extractives and/or other industrial sectors, with a focus on gender policies and UNSDGs where women are pivotal.