Mining Conference Speaking Opportunities 2019

We have been partnering with a number of mining conferences for you, and want to inform you of speaking opportunities.

Let us know if you are interested and we will introduce you to the conference organisers directly. The sooner you tell us the sooner we can help reserve the spot for you. To do so, send a line to detailing which slot and/or conference you are selecting.

– IWiMSpeakUp team

Mines & Money London

The conference organisers are seeking speakers for the following sessions and would be delighted for a female speaker to raise their hand.

  1. In the Plenary Theatre

a.  Tuesday 26 November – 09.00
Ideally an investment bank.

09.00 The Big Debate: Is equity financing dead?
Alarmingly, reports indicate that financing weakened overall in 2019, stalling the investment rebound that had previously emerged. Global funding for exploration financing dropped 50 per cent year-over-year, with the main problem being the decline in equity financing. Weak metals prices were undoubtedly part of the problem, but is there a deeper underlying trend?

  • What are the key financing trends?
  • Why has there been a decline in equity financing for exploration?
  • Key trends in debt financing
  • How are alternative financing solutions (private equity and royalty and streaming) evolving?
  • The rise of private transactions and placements are now exceeding public offerings
  • Are Flow Through Share (FTS) funds the saviour for junior financing?

Private Equity – Bert Koth, Managing Director, Denham Capital
Royalty Financing – Julian Treger, CEO, Anglo Pacific
Debt Financing – Hubert Willems, Director, Taurus Funds Management



  1. Tuesday 26 November – 11.25
    Could be an investor, bank, broker, etc.
12.25 Keynote Debate:  Are cannabis and cryptocurrencies a genuine challenge to exploration financing, or a convenient excuse when explaining why millennial investors aren’t investing into junior mining stocks?

People born since the turn of the century are generally anti-mining, and when they invest, they are finding alternative vehicles; such as cannabis and bitcoin. One of the challenges that the mining industry has is how to appeal to millennial investors who, up to now, have tended to invest into ‘more attractive’ sectors. In this debate our panellists discuss:

  • What is the anecdotal and objective evidence for where millennials are investing their money?
  • What can the mining industry learn from how cannabis and cryptocurrencies explain, brand and market their projects to investors? How can they persuade investors to invest in them rather than cannabis?
  • Is the hypothesis correct? Is it just millennials going into cannabis and cryptocurrencies, or is it the retail investor as a whole?
  • Is the problem just cyclical? Once the appetite for cannabis and crypto wears off, will millennials and retail investors drift back into mining?
  • Would the mining industry being more diverse help win over investors?

Trevor Hall, Host, Mining Stock Daily
Jose Vizquerra, Vice President Strategic Development, Osisko Mining, Peter Munk Award Recipient, Young Mining Professionals


  1. In the Exploration Theatre

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – 13.00

Any analyst or investor to sit as one of the judges in our Mining Pitch Battles – there is one each day at lunch time. They work like Dragon’s Den, expect there is no real money involved. Video example of when we ran one here These are some of the most popular sessions of the event.


  1. In the Future Leaders Summit

Wednesday 27 November 

Anyone who could be on a panel answering questions as to why they undertook a career in mining (panel is not listed below but I am looking to add it to the agenda).

Anyone who could sit on the 15.15 session.

14.00 Chair’s Opening Remarks
14.05 Students’ Feedback: What could the mining industry do better to engage skills and talent into its workforces?
14.40 Universities feedback: The Mining Degrees of the future – what needs to change to ensure they differ from the past and include new and relevant skills?
Professor Phillip Crowson, Centre for Energy, Petroleum and Mineral Law and Policy, University of Dundee
Professor Dennis Buchanan, Senior Research Fellow and Director of the MSc in Metals and Energy Finance
Department of Earth Science and Engineering, Imperial College
15.15 Industry feedback: How we’ve managed to recruit talent during this war for talent, and what’s our success rate in keeping them engaged?
15.50 Chair’s Closing Remarks

International Resources and Mining Conference

The 6th Annual International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) is taking place in Melbourne, Australia on 29-31 October 2019 in conjunction with Founding Partners, the Victorian Government, Austmine and AusIMM. As part of our strong commitment to promoting diversity across all areas of the mining and resources industry, IMARC is pledging towards an agenda that reflects the theme of Balance for Better.

With IMARC being an event that cuts across the entire mining supply chain, we are calling for speakers and speaker suggestions from the IWiM community that are actively involved in:
– exploration, geoscience and geotechnical work
– mining investment and financing
– minerals processing, metallurgy and plant operations
– clean energy strategies and climate change initiatives
– intelligent mining, analytics, AI and automation in mining

IMARC aims to have 50% of its targeted 300 speakers to be women in mining, from Australia, and internationally. We can only achieve this if our speakers are spread across these different themes. IMARC speakers include those in Chairing roles, keynote speakers, solo presentations, panel discussions and onstage Q&As and dialogues.

European Mining Convention

The European Mining Convention (EMC 2019) to be held in Dublin, Ireland on 3-4 December 2019 aims at connecting the European mining industry with the rest of the world to reframe sustainability with innovation and experience. This event will demonstrate the latest technology and innovative solutions to various stakeholders in the industry and provide an unparalleled platform to expand connections, launch new products and forge new business partnerships.

Some sessions available for you are:

  • Current Technological Trends: Implementing AI, IOT, Automation, Robotics, 3D Imaging in mining operations.
  • Understanding the need for accelerating and strengthening collaboration in the mining industry.
  • Panel Session: Europe as a mining investment destination – Policies and Progress.
  • Panel Session: Sustainability challenges in the mining sector and strategies to mitigate them?

UNECE Group of Experts on Coal Mine Methane (CMM)

7-8 November 2019 in Geneva

The UNECE is looking for female speakers to speak about:

  • Experience of women working in the coal mining industry,
  • “Tangible” benefits of including women into mining operations (in any capacity, as engineers, managers, equipment operators, etc.),
  • The situation of women staff during the process of, and after mine closure (whether there are any particularities, which would distinguish a situation of women and men in such circumstances).

Mining & Quarrying Show Dubai

The Mining Show and Quarrying Show 2019 will take place on 5-6 November 2019 at the Dubai Festival Arena, Dubai, UAE.

There are still speaking slots but preferably for women working at mining companies.
We are happy to have placed 3 women as speakers already.

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