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We appreciate your support and help in making International Women in Mining a truly global community of members, representing women from 100 different countries. To provide you with even more value, we are introducing a membership package. The only change is that we are now giving you a choice.


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Or you can have moreMore allows you to:

  • network internationally via a secure members’ directory;
  • be part of a project to add more female experts to the programme line-ups for mining conferences by putting yourself forward as a speaker. We are connecting with conference organisers and will let you know when opportunities arise.
  • If you are looking to sit on a company board, you may like the idea of being in our “board-ready women” database, which we will promote to mining companies and finally abolish the myth that no suitable women exists. We would interview you beforehand.
  • participate in best-practice forums by function.

The annual membership fee to access these valuable career-enhan