We are offering partners the opportunity to champion the IWiM platform and our initiatives, taking on a leadership role within the industry whilst increasing their recognition as best employer for women


* Significant branding options for the sponsor, across a variety of media and on all initiative-related materials.

* Worldwide exposure and brand promotion across our platform. IWiM has over 10,500+ members and followers.

* Acknowledgement as an Employer of Choice for Women by supporting women in the industry

* Positive association with the promotion of gender equality, a topic high on extractive industries’ agenda

* Reputation and recognition from women in the sector for backing this organisation

What we Bring

Dynamic – growing community | developing new projects and initiatives yearly

High profile – successful global projects and campaigns

Reach – Worldwide link to 40+ WIM chapters and 10,500+ members & followers

Professional – We have a strong team

External network – Relationship with international organisations, mining associations, female networks and conference organisers

Facilitate – Providing tools to assist your diversity agenda


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