Carhartt FD – WW Brown ‘Wellington’ half calf, waterproof Gumboots with reinforced steel toe.

Charm and Hammer FD – US ‘Wellington’ work boots with composite tow, Women above ankle Dr Marten work boots with steel toes.

Crawford Boots UF ST – AU Industrial Safety boots that fit, special wedge design, fit for purpose underground or any wet area work sites available in Electrical Shock Resistant (ESR) or Antistatic (AS) specification.

Dromex – SA Ladies Safety Boots, Boxer boot and Gumboots

Granite Workwear – UK safety shoes and trainers and safety boots.

Neptun Boots – SA Heavy-duty range of mining gumboots feature steel toe caps, metatarsal protection, and steel midsoles for protection against injury from heavy and sharp falling objects.

Protec Direct – UK Ladies footwear – safety boots, safety shoes & trainers.

Safety Girl FD – US ‘Wellington’ work boots with

composite tow, Women’s half calf laced ‘Logger’ boots with steel toes, Women’s half calf laced fold down work boots with steel toes, Women’s Gumboots with reinforced toes.

Safety Inc FD – US Dunlop Steel capped gumboots with adjustable shin size and wedge-shaped sole.

SheWear – AU Women’s safety work boots in all colours, these boots are typically made with durable materials such as leather, and feature safety toe caps that provide protection against impact and compression.

SelectPPE – SA Ladies light industrial safety shoes and black ladies Paris Steeltoe shoes.