Feedback on engagement survey for an IWiM Mentoring Program

In March 2017, Australian Organisational Development consultancy, Metisphere released an engagement survey to gauge interest for an IWiM Mentoring Program. The survey was open for seven days and collected 44 responses. The responses were largely positive, with all survey respondents interested in the idea of an IWiM Mentoring Program.

Key points from the data included:

  • 65% of survey respondents indicated an interest as a mentee, 35% of survey respondents indicated an interest as a mentor
  • Positive qualitative data was received on why a global mentoring program is needed. Responses included:
    • “It is difficult to access support and mentoring when you are at mining sites. The program could reach great professionals that otherwise could not have access”
    • “To open our eyes to what is out there, and possible for you to achieve – globally there are is just so much more going on than you realise and therefore we’re not aware of career options to make a real difference to the global community”
  • Positive ideas were received on what participants would like included in the IWiM Mentoring Program, such as the provision of accessible and online group activities, structured touch points, and facilitated networking opportunities.
  • Every survey respondent liked the idea of inviting senior industry leaders as mentors into the program.
  • Q5 informed survey respondents that there will be a fee for mentees to participate. 50% of survey respondents (or 20 people) indicated that they would still be interested given there would be a fee of approx. 2,000 EUR
  • Survey respondents were located all over the world including Australia, Canada, South Africa, PNG, Chile, Israel, United States of America and Spain
  • Positive feedback was received from various survey participants indicating that their employer would be interested in sponsoring the program.
  • Further qualitative feedback focused on the positive impact of such a program, but also that some people felt that they wouldn’t be able to afford the opportunity. In this instance, a scholarship from a sponsor would assist those experiencing financial hardship, possibly in developing countries. Qualitative feedback included:
    • “Great idea, would love the opportunity to hear more about it and receive help exploring opportunities to grow in this industry”
    • “I filled this survey out because I want to be part of this in any way I can. That opportunity is not available to me where I work”

Given the positive response to the engagement survey and in accordance with IWiM’s strategic plan, IWiM are advancing discussions to coordinate and deliver a Pilot IWiM Mentoring Program.

Please stay tuned to the website or contact Barbara Dischinger on for more information.

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