Don’t fret, replay available

Our Women on Boards webinar series launches next Tuesday, we are excited by the prospect of bringing tools and tips to our members to help them on their board journey!

Our programme has 9 modules and we will do one session a month taking us all the way to January 2016.

Now we have to accommodate time zones from Melbourne to Vancouver so potentially the times we are proposing won’t be suitable to one or several of you hence why we are trying to vary the times to allow you to catch at least some sessions at decent times. To make life easier we will have replays available which you will be able to view for up to a year.

This also allows anyone to join our series at a later stage.

Upcoming sessions:

Session 1 – General intro to boards, 26th of May 12.30 GMT / 07.30 EST /19.30 AWST
Session 2 –  Board journey: action plan/what do you need to do to get a board seat, 22 June 22.00 GMT / 17.00 EST / 05.00 AWST
Session 3 – “Edge Up YOUR LinkedIn Presence to Gain That Corporate Board Seat”, 13 July  15.00 GMT / 10.00 EST / 22.00 AWST
Session 4 – Gender Diversity on Boards, 12 August  14.00 GMT / 09.00 EST / 21.00 AWST

Link to full programme