Do you live in British Columbia and your life partner also works in mining?

Dear Elk Valley Women in Mining members,

We have the opportunity to highlight our group and our members in media coverage of 2015 Mining Week, which runs from May 2-9 this year.
The Fernie Free Press would like to highlight local couples who both work in mining.

If you would like to take part, please send your answers to before April 25.

  1. Please attach a high resolution (1MB or more) photo of you both, to be published in the newspaper.  The picture can be from anywhere; please remember that most employers have rules regarding pictures taken on-site.
  2. Names
  3. What are your job titles, company/operation?
  4. In which community do you live?

Please answer at least two of the following questions:

–          How long have you been together?
–          Did you meet through your work? If so, please describe how you met?
–          What are the benefits of both working in mining?
–          What are the challenges of both working in mining, and how do you overcome them?
–          What opportunities have your mining careers given you as a couple?

Anne Keery for Rebecca Edwards