Catherine Walubita: “My experience in rising to a leadership position within the mining industry has been both exciting and challenging: challenging, in that I have had to work harder to prove myself in a male-dominated industry…; exciting, in that it allowed me to challenge the status quo.”

International Women in Mining Profile: Catherine Mwale Walubita Catherine Walubita was not only the first woman to graduate in the field of Mineral Processing and Metallurgical Engineering at the University of Zambia — but she graduated at the top of her class. She has since risen through the ranks from a graduate metallurgist at Konkola […]

Lindiwe Nakedi: “Opportunities are many if you’re willing to ask questions and learn. Be willing to start right at the bottom. No task is beneath you: your work ethic and attitude speak volumes. And take initiative! Don’t wait to be given opportunities: just take a chance and know that you will learn to swim even if you’ve been thrown into that deep end.”

International Women in Mining Profile: Lindiwe Nakedi Lindiwe Nakedi is the CEO of a South African 100% black-female-owned exploration drilling company that she started with her geologist husband in 2008. She holds a BA in Industrial Psychology and has no formal technical training in mining or engineering, but has achieved success in this male-dominated business […]

Andree St-Germain: “I believe it is an exciting time to be a woman in our industry. Gender diversity is essential. There will be more and more opportunities for talented and hard-working young women that will require a wide range of skill sets. The focus is not only on attracting women, but also retaining them and, most importantly, developing them.”

International Women in Mining Profile: Andree St-Germain Andree St-Germain started her career in investment banking, focussing mainly on assisting mining companies with mergers and acquisitions. As she became more intrigued by the industry, she moved to work directly for a mining company, where the multi-faceted nature of her daily challenges keeps her passionate and engaged. […]

Nazgul Oskoeva: “It is not about being a man or woman: it is about being a human being (treat everybody as you want to be treated); it is about dedicating yourself to what you do, acting to add value, continuously improving, knowing where you want to be, never giving up—and it is about choice.”

International Women in Mining Profile: Nazgul Oskoeva Nazgul Oskoeva initially entered the mining industry through a chance meeting: her fluency in English led to her serving foreign guests while working in a restaurant. They turned out to be representatives of a Canadian company that had recently started a mining operation in Kyrgyzstan, and, following the required […]

Jesalyn Abonates-Guingguing: “For me, mining is a social transformer, environmental enhancer, and a life changer. Women like me, who are eager to overcome risks, find ways, face challenges, and transform obstacles to become the way, can be attracted to mining.”

International Women in Mining Profile: Jesalyn Abonates-Guingguing Jesalyn Abonates-Guingguing is the Tenement and Environment Manager of Agata Mining Ventures Inc. (AMVI), a nickel mine in the Philippines, and a registered Environmental Planner. Combining passion and purpose, and driven by her advocacy of environmental stewardship, she became a Director of the Board of the Philippine Institute of […]

Resa Furey – “The mining industry – and the business world in general – desperately need the benefits of having more diversity on boards…. It’s high time for companies to benefit from the ideas that women and diverse populations bring, and for corporations to look more like the rest of society.”

International Women in Mining Profile: Resa Furey Resa Furey is a market analyst and marketing director with over 20 years of global industry experience in providing solutions that create sustainable returns and a competitive advantage for companies in the resource sector. She has led market studies and an initiative to benchmark the global state of […]

Sehliselo Ndlovu – “Make your work become a recognisable brand: what you do in your field should have your clear and consistent mark of quality; your own brand. When you create a memorable experience in the minds of those you interact with, a long-lasting impact is made that can open new doors and opportunities.”

International Women in Mining Profile: Sehliselo Ndlovu Sehliselo (Selo) Ndlovu holds a PhD in Minerals Engineering from Imperial College, London, UK. She joined the Engineering faculty at the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa, in 2004 and currently holds the DST/NRF SARChI chair in Hydrometallurgy and Sustainable Development. She has trained over 30 PhD and […]

“It is important to stand your ground, believe in your abilities, and be consistent.” Carlota David-Howoses

International Women in Mining Profile: Carlota David-Howoses Carlota David-Howoses originally planned a career in biotechnology, but a chance conversation led her to a bursary opportunity with Anglo American to study metallurgical engineering. She was subsequently appointed as a metallurgist at Skorpion Zinc Namibia, where she rose to become Technical Manager of the Refinery. After a […]

“Have confidence in your skills and continue to challenge yourself to become better than the person you were yesterday,” Lalao Ranjivaharimanana

International Women in Mining Profile: Lalao Evelyne Ranjivaharimanana Lalao Evelyne Ranjivaharimanana is a process safety engineer at the Ambatovy Joint Venture, owned by Sumitomo Corporation, Kores and Sherritt International, in Madagascar. She had always wanted to work in mining, but it took a while to find her perfect job. Following her engineering degree, her career […]

“As a person, not just as a woman, it’s so important to have belief in yourself and that you can add value,” Lara Smith

International Women in Mining Profile: Lara Smith Lara Smith is the Founder and Managing Director of Core Consultants, a consultancy firm that provides commodity market research, analysis and valuations to the global mining industry. Although Lara reluctantly became involved in mining, today she cannot envisage another career. She regards mining as a fascinating, multidisciplinary, international […]

Julia Baxter – Making the Business Case for Gender Equality in Mining

Monthly Profile Feature Julia Baxter, Head of Mining, Oil & Gas at Adam Smith International (ASI) says she stumbled into mining early on in her career but she’s now hooked on the sector because of the huge impact it has on people’s lives. She thrives on the opportunities to be creative and rethink how governments […]

Dr Vanessa Guthrie – “Just because you are outnumbered doesn’t mean you are wrong…. So never, ever give up”

Monthly Profile Feature Australian Dr Vanessa Guthrie has an impressive and diverse career spanning 30 years in the resources sector. Early on she realised that she wanted to work in an industry that creates value from natural resources and improves the quality of people’s lives. She loves being part of something that is physical, practical […]

Zenzi Awases – “We’re here to stay, to do a job and not just to look pretty. We must make a difference”

Monthly Profile Feature Namibian geologist Zenzi Awases is not afraid to face a challenge head on, carrying out her first job alone in the desert on foot with hyenas prowling behind her. One of the first women in Namibia to study geology in her home country she has discovered diamonds and brought two areas into […]

Barbara Dischinger – “We are Individually Powerful but if we’re United we are Stronger”

Monthly Profile Feature The founder of International Women in Mining (IWiM) and before that of WIM UK, Barbara Dischinger, is truly international herself. She’s a mix of nationalities, speaks numerous languages and has lived around the world. Modest and often understated of her achievements, she’s driven and passionate about getting a good deal for women […]

Barbara Mantebea Owusu-Konadu – “You’ll never be bored with mining”

Monthly Profile Feature Ghanaian mining engineer, Barbara Mantebea Owusu-Konadu, is looking for new opportunities and is keen to explore the world and expand her knowledge and experience of the mining sector. She’s not fazed or offended by those who question why a young woman would chose mining as a career and is keen to let […]

Urica Primus – “Be yourself, wherever you go, in whatever you do. Acceptance not adaption is needed”

Monthly Profile Feature Guyana’s Urica Primus has been an agent of change since an early age. The 25-year old president of the Guyana Women Miners Organisation (GWMO) is an unabashed workaholic who campaigns hard for diversity and to break the stereotype that women can only hold menial positions in the mining sector. She is also […]

Catherine Farrow: Rocks, People and the Arctic Adventure

Monthly Profile Feature by Camila Reed Catharine Farrow is a professional geoscientist with more than 20 years of mining industry experience. What drew you to the field of geology? My Grandfather, a psychiatrist, had always been interested in rocks and geology. He gave me my first Estwing hammer when I was 11 and I was […]

Anne Oxley – From being lead to metallurgy to leading in metallurgy

Monthly Profile Interview Anne Oxley was encouraged to head towards metallurgy by an inspirational chemistry teacher, Mr David Miller, who changed her views on what might be possible as a career. She was always very good at sciences but until then had been directed as are many girls in that situation towards medicine. Mr Miller […]

Naminata Kramoko – “Nothing is impossible; just start, trust in your potential and it will happen”

August’s Monthly Profile President of Women in Mining at Newcrest Ivory Coast and a member of WIM Ivory Coast, Naminata Kramoko believes that respect for people, having family support and being determined are crucial to achieving your goals. The business support and database superintendent at Newcrest Exploration has risen speedily through the ranks, seizing every opportunity […]

Karine Cliche – “Don’t give up. Things don’t fall into your lap, you have to go and get them!”

July’s Monthly Profile Canadian Karine Cliche’s energy and enthusiasm are palpable and she’s not about to give up. A mining geologist, she’s leaving the sector for now having battled with the ups and down of the industry’s hard financial times and an inability to get the job she wants. She’s faced a number of rejections […]

Namrata Thapar – “For me, learning by doing is key!”

May’s Monthly Profile Namrata Thapar has led the International Finance Corporation’s (IFC) Mining team since 2015 playing a powerful role in developing its mining business with a focus on sustainability and development impact. For her, making a contribution beyond the monies — $924.37 million mining portfolio as of December 31, 2016 — given by the […]

Isabel Cartolin Navarro – “Mining has changed my life for the better”

April Profile / Perfil de Abril English / Español Peruvian artisanal miner, Isabel Cartolin Navarro, is breaking the mold as one of just two women miners working underground at the Cachihuancaray salt mine. The mine in San Antonio de Cachi is close to her home and has been exploited since the time of the Incas […]

Dr Alyson Warhurst – “Don’t let anyone put you off achieving what you think is important”

Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, Professor Alyson Warhurst was drawn to mining from an early age inspired by weekend visits to ancient mine sites with her archaeologist father. She’s had a long career spanning the academic and business worlds and won awards along the way for her work in social and responsible mining. She set up […]

Euridice González – “The most important thing is to recognise when you don’t know how to do something and to want to learn”

Mexican Euridice Salome González Robles is helping shape change in her country’s mining sector and is keen to get women’s voices heard and included in the debate. For her, women complement men’s activities in the workplace. With women on board, there’s not just 50% of possibilities because it’s only the men’s perspective — the world […]

Dr Chandrani Prasad Verma – “Come what may, do not stop!”

January Profile Dr Chandrani Prasad Verma, India’s first female mining engineer, has opened up the path for other women in the country to take up mining careers, taking large steps for everyone. From a young age she decided she would follow in her father’s footsteps although women were not allowed to take mining degrees in […]

Ana Maria Aranibar – “You have to be a fighter!”

November Profile For over 40 years Ana Maria Aranibar has been involved in the mining sector in Bolivia, sharing information, creating networks and building communities. She started out in the state sector in communications and rose through the ranks. Then 20 years ago she created her consultancy which is dedicated to pursuing social and corporate […]

Lita Calenzani – “The better prepared you are, the more opportunities you’ll have and the more likely you are to achieve your goals.”

October profile | Perfil de Octubre – Español Peruvian Lita Calenzani has spent 30 years in the mining industry and says if she had to live her live over and choose where to work, she would choose mining again. She took the opportunities that were offered to her and moved from roles traditionally held by women […]

Marianne Harvey – “As a woman the more you believe in yourself the better; self-promotion is key and that is all about being confident”

September profile Australian geologist Marianne Harvey is pushing at the boundaries as she prepares for an all-female science voyage with Antarctica as the backdrop. Come December she’ll spend 20 days on a boat headed to Antarctica as part of the Homeward Project. She couldn’t pass up the opportunity, not only because of ‘the cool rocks and […]

Zandile Buthelesi – “The sky’s not the limit, your mind’s the limit… Success is in the palm of your hands”

August profile South African, Zandile Buthelesi, is General Manager Projects at African Exploration Mining and Finance Corp. Her motto is: "if you are somewhere that does not serve your purpose then you leave and you go and find it somewhere else". This is something she has done in her career. A passionate advocate of women [...]

Cristina Echavarria – “Look at any activity you are involved in and ask: who has access to the benefits?

July Profile Colombian Cristina Echavarria has been an advisor working in mining and sustainability challenges since the 1990s. Plain speaking and outspoken, she says the mining sector likes this and she’s never adapted to fit into the industry. Her work has focused on communities and on artisanal and small-scale mining – she was instrumental in […]

Tiguidanke Camara – “Don’t be silent, start making a noise”

As the Chairman and CEO of junior mining companies, Tigui Mining Group and Camara Diamond Gold Trading Network, Tiguidanke Camara’s first contact with mining was through jewellery while she modelled. The model turned mining entrepreneur is about to see her first project go into production in the Ivory Coast. Tiguidanke is in mining for the long haul as she looks to expand her operations across West Africa.

Nezha Zouaidi – “Mining’s an adventure without limits, with opportunities and challenges”

Moroccan Nezha Zouaidi came to mining by chance in 2009, since then her journey has led her to Africa and to Tanzania where she’s the owner of a gold and diamond company, Golden Connection Ltd. Captivated by the mining industry’s dynamic and diverse environment, it’s not always been an easy ride.

Claudia Monreal – “Mining is not a field that is prepared to allow women to get to the top”

Chilean Claudia Monreal has worked across South America, Canada and Australia as a mining engineer/geo-statistician fulfilling her passion to understand geology. Being abroad has also taught her how much mining has in common across countries and cultures. A mother of three, she chose consultancy to better manage time with her family. But she says there are many inequalities against women in the industry.

Urica Primus – “Be yourself, wherever you go, in whatever you do. Acceptance not adaption is needed”

Guyana’s Urica Primus has been an agent of change since an early age. The 25-year old president of the Guyana Women Miners Organisation (GWMO) is an unabashed workaholic who campaigns hard for diversity and to break the stereotype that women can only hold menial positions in the mining sector.

Ngonzi Kiiza – “Don’t assume or imagine why someone would not want to talk to you, bite the bullet and go and ask.”

Ugandan Mine geologist Ngonzi Kiiza has proven herself to be resilient to whatever challenges have been put in her way. For her, xenophobia, racism and gender intolerance are a reality in the mining industry but you should not give them too much face time. “Once you identify it deal with it, confront it or walk away.”

Rodalee Ofiaza – “Every experience is a learning opportunity. Be flexible; develop new skills, work on your strengths.”

Rodalee Ofiaza took a leap of faith and became a mining engineer having originally considered a career in chemical engineering. She’s never looked back and believes she’s right where she wants to be.

Raijeli Taga – “If anyone will change the mining sector in Fiji, it will be women”

Dr Raijeli Taga, Chief Environment Officer at Fiji’s Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resource, always knew she didn’t want a normal “women’s” day job in Fiji. She wanted to do something different, no desk job for her but something considered a job for a man.

Chantae Lessard – “If you don’t ask it will never happen and sometimes you need to ask more than once!”

Mining has been in Chantae Lessard’s family for generations; four generations to be exact. Growing up, Chantae says a career in mining was never considered but as fate would have it she landed a role as a paralegal/health, safety, environment executive assistant at Kennecott Utah Copper in Salt Lake City, Utah, and that role changed her life and her career.

Clara Chan – “Once you decide to do something you have to give it your very best”

Hong-Kong based Clara Chan has over 20 years of experience in the non-ferrous metals industry. She is among the small minority of women in the metals sector in China. She grew up spending holidays in her father’s small alloying plant. The family run firm has grown and evolved, listing in 2006 under her guidance.

Jody Cellar – “Be genuine, reliable and courageous”

Jody Cellar knew she wanted to become an engineer from the age of 12. She took on her first paying job at 13 – assisting in a recreation program for disadvantaged children over summer breaks and cleaning private homes throughout the year.

Pauline Tahi – “It is a real pleasure to leave your mark wherever you go”

Pauline Tahi came to mining by chance some 22 years ago. Since then, she has been involved in the commissioning of every mine in her home country of Ivory Coast. Although she was often a victim of discrimination during her career, she says attitudes are changing and are much better today towards women.

Linda Dufour – "Why should a woman have to be like a man?"

With 20 years’ experience in the mining industry in North America as a process engineer and metallurgist, Linda Dufour believes mining needs to do a lot more to encourage women to come into the sector; be promoted and not be tempted to leave by the lack of opportunity.

Juliana Andrade – “You can do it, you can make a difference"

Teamwork, discipline and focus drive this young project manager, skills she’s learnt from dancing ballet since she was six years old. Juliana Andrade says that mining has welcomed her with open arms. “So I have no words of warning. All I can say is: Welcome you are part of the team.

Rebecca Brosnan: Invest in yourself

The Managing Director of the LME’s Asia Business, Rebecca Brosnan, was instrumental to the take over of the London Metal Exchange by the Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd (HKEx). She says there is no replacement for expertise. Know your stuff!

Catharine Farrow – Rocks, People and the Arctic Adventure

Catharine Farrow is a professional geoscientist with more than 20 years of mining industry experience. What drew you to the field of geology? My Grandfather, a psychiatrist, had always been interested in rocks and geology. He gave me my first Estwing hammer when I was 11 and I was hooked.

Tiguidanke Camara – “Don’t be silent, start making a noise”

As the Chairman and CEO of junior mining companies, Tigui Mining Group and Camara Diamond Gold Trading Network, Tiguidanke Camara’s first contact with mining was through jewellery while she modelled. The model turned mining entrepreneur is about to see her first project go into production in the Ivory Coast.

Razia Adam – Helping women from surrounding communities get a job in mining

Razia Adam is Chief Geologist at South Africa’s Middelbult Colliery and Shondoni Mine. With just seven years under her belt she’s set her eyes on where she wants to be and is shaping out her future aided by her all-important mentors.

Erica Smyth – “I don’t want women to fail”

Erica Smyth has almost 40 years’ experience in the mineral and petroleum industries and loves geology. Originally she thought she would become a chemist, but realised after a year of studies that she didn’t want to be in a white coat, stuck indoors in a laboratory for the rest of her life.

Vanessa Torres – “Our job is to resource the world out of poverty”

“Our job is to resource the world out of poverty,” says Vanessa Torres, Head of Investments and Value Management at BHP Billiton. A Brazilian with Australian citizenship, she believes that mining is in her blood.

Ruth Ives – “This is all I know and all I am”

Mining – “This is all I know and all I am,” says Canadian Ruth Ives, who has spent some 20 years in the industry feeding her love of underground mines and engineering. But it didn’t begin that way.