Advice to New WIM Groups

International Women in Mining actively encourages the creation of new women in mining groups, and shares advice drawing on Barbara’s experience as Founder and Director of Women in Mining UK from 2006  to end of 2011.

We provide advice & support to those wishing to set up a new WIM chapter.
Groups that have received or are receiving advice and support: WIM Senegal, WIM Singapore, WIM Ghana, WIM Madagascar, WIM India, WIM Mexico, Australian Indigenous WIM, WIM Peru and WIM Brazil.

Services we offer:

  • Brainstorming: list of questions which will help the new chapter define a road map
  • Help with setting out Objectives and Mission Statement
  • The WIM logo is available to groups in their initial stages
  • Help with identifying potential members and engaging with them
  • Introducing the new group to existing WIM chapters – be it locally, regionally or globally.
  • Mentioning the new group in all our media channels.
  • Include the group’s activities from then on in monthly newsletters.

All enquiries to:
Barbara Dischinger
Director, International Women in Mining
+44 7986 108 101,

Background on International Women in Mining

International Women in Mining was set up in 2007 as a bridge between existing WIM chapters, its members and women in jurisdictions where there isn’t a WIM chapter. It was set up for the women in mining community, to foster interchange and interaction, and to provide resources via a web portal.

Existing WIM groups on all continents are all independent & run separately. We interact with them and complement them by offering additional services to all.

Our objective is threefold:

1. Our aim is to promote the professional development of women working in the mining and metals sector by providing a web platform for global discussion, networking and dissemination of information, jobs, courses and events, in essence relevant content enhancing their knowledge and possibilities. This in turn provides them with all the information and tools necessary to enhance their careers and promote their role as women in a wider business community.

2. To bring all WIM group members and non-affiliated female professionals working in the mining sector around the world closer together, by connecting groups to groups, non-members to groups, members to members and members to non-members.

3. To share success and failure stories that illustrate the challenges women in mining may face and how they turn them into advantages.