Stock Photos

The IWiM Stock Imagery Campaign (SIC) seeks to collect and produce high-quality photos which are professional and accurate depictions of women at work in the mining industry. The face of mining has changed dramatically in the last 100 years yet public opinion still depicts mining as a largely male and “blue-collar” industry. We seek to redress this balance with modern depictions of mining, focusing on women working in a diverse range of professional and operational roles.

We are currently seeking media partners who would like to create a photoset of stock images for personal or business use, in corporate, non-profit or media promotions. In the meantime, we have a diverse collection of photos submitted by IWiM members. These are available for download upon request subject to intended use and pending permission from the copyright owners.

References in the photo captions to particular companies is for information purposes only. IWiM is not sponsored or approved by, or associated or otherwise affiliated with, any of the companies referred to in the captions.