2015 Winnovation Awards Nominations Are Now Open!

Do you know an inspiring, innovative, South Australian woman or business worth recognising?

Nominate them for a Winnovation Award!

The Winnovation Awards aim to showcase the state’s best female innovators, whether working within an organisation as an intrapreneur or running their own show as an entrepreneur.

Nominations, or self nominations, are now open for all innovative female South Australian residents – or businesses with an innovative women’s program.

Nominating is quick, easy and free and can be submitted online in a matter of minutes.


Have you, or someone you know:

  • Searched for and found new ways to do old things?
  • Leapt insurmountable hurdles?
  • Created solutions to wicked problems?
  • Challenged the known; the accepted; the norm?
  • Imagined and played a bigger game?
  • Disrupted the status, developing people, systems or processes? or,
  • Crossed the chasm with an innovation that seemed impossible?

Help find these amazing innovators either working for someone else (intrapreneurs), volunteering, or doing it for themselves (entrepreneurs) or leading others (businesses) by instantly lodging a nomination here. Anonymous nominations also accepted.