2015 WiN-Canada Elections – Get on Board & Get Involved (Canada)

Women in Mining/Women in Nuclear SK

2015 proves to be a very exciting year for Women in Nuclear Canada as we embark on another WiN-Canada Board election.

Our board is made up of the following positions:
Chairs of local chapters
Executive Director

The President, Treasurer and several Members-at-Large positions are currently up for election in 2015.

Links to the job descriptions and nomination forms for each of these positions are listed below or posted at www . wincanada . org.

President job description

Treasurer job description

Member-at-Large job description

Please consider putting your name forward for one of the elected positions. It is a great way to gain leadership experience and competencies and at the same time help WiN-Canada continue its success.

WiN-Canada now has over 1,400 members across Canada and plays an active role in the nuclear industry. Our goals are to better educate ourselves so we can educate the public, provide professional development opportunities for our members and promote the industry to young people. The amount of time required is approximately two hours per week for all positions with the exception of the President who puts in approximately 10 hours per week.

Please discuss your nomination with your supervisor to ensure you will be released and have all travel sponsored to fulfill the duties of the position for which you are nominated. All positions are self-funded or funded by the company where the successful candidate works.

Nominations will be accepted until February 20, 2015. Start the New Year out right by submitting your name for one of the elected positions!

The election process is as follows:
1. Nomination forms must be received by WiN-Canada’s Nomination Committee by midnight EST February 20, 2015. Please follow the instructions on the form.
2. The WiN-Canada Nominations Committee will review the nominations and provide their recommendations to the WiN-Canada Board.
3. Candidates may be invited for an interview; if so, these will take place prior to April 15, 2015.
4. The WiN-Canada Board will make their decisions by April 22, 2015.
5. All notifications will be made by April 24, 2015.
6. A general announcement of the results will be made by April 27, 2015.
7. The incumbent board will be in place by April 30, 2015.
8. The new Board is acclaimed by the membership.

If you have any questions, please call WiN-Canada at 905-304-8811 or send an email to info@wincanada.org.

Joy Shikaze, APR
Executive Director
T: 905-304-8811
C: 905-304-3234
E: joy.shikaze@wincanada.org
W: www . wincanada . org