Tracey is part of EY’s Global Mining & Metals leadership team in her role as EY’s dedicated Global Mining & Metals IFRS leader. She has over 20 years of experience in the provision of assurance and financial accounting advisory services to a wide range of clients. Two of these years were spent working at EY’s global headquarters in London.
In her role, Tracey spends a significant amount of her time meeting with a wide range of Mining & Metals clients around the globe. Through these client interactions, the close liaison with the IASB staff and her 20 years of experience, she has developed a deep understanding of the key IFRS accounting and financial reporting issues facing clients in the Mining & Metals sector.
Tracey's role also involves the development of publications which explore the specific implications of new and impending IFRS changes on Mining & Metals clients, as well as the IFRS financial reporting implications of emerging industry issues. To date, these have included publications on the impact of the proposed new revenue recognition standard, the new joint arrangements and consolidation standards, the Interpretation on accounting for waste removal costs, and leases, as well as the financial reporting implications of new forms of resource nationalism.
Tracey is a regular presenter at global EY forums, including the Americas Mining & Metals Forum, the Asia-Pacific Mining & Metals Forum, as well as the Latin America Mining & Metals Forum.
Tracey is also EY’s Australia’s IFRS desk leader and has also been a key member of the audit teams for a number of global and Australian based clients.

Webinar Session 8 – 07/12/15


Board Committees and their role

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Session 8 – Board Committees and their role

• Nominations Committee: leads the process for Board appointments & and makes recommendations
• Remuneration Committee: develops remuneration policy and ensures transparency
• Audit Committee: internal control, relationship with the company’s auditors, corporate reporting & risk management
• Risk Committee: oversight and advice to the board on current risk exposure & future risk strategy

Speaker: Tracey Waring, Global IFRS leader – Mining & Metals at Ernst & Young

Time:  7 December – 3pm Vancouver, 6pm Toronto, 11pm London, midnight Paris/Johannesburg
8 December – 8am Perth, 10 am Melbourne/Brisbane

£40 = Can$75 = US$60 = Aus$75 = Euros 55 = Rand 740
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If you are from Africa (except South Africa) & certain parts of Asia and Latin America: £5 for one (US$7), £10 for 3 sessions (US$15), £15 for 5 sessions (US$20) and £20 (US$30) for the whole – contact us to check


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