Tracy E. Houston, M.A. is the President of Board Resources Services, LLC. She is a refined specialist in board consulting and executive coaching with a heartfelt passion for rethinking performance, teams, and the boardroom. With a focus on leadership, strategy, and risk management, she consults primarily with directors, presidents, and senior officers to provide input on high level, sensitive, and complex issues. Sometimes called the Chief Potential Officer, Tracy has a background that includes sitting on a number of boards, board consulting, and coaching for potential. She develops unique insights into the vital role of human interaction and the inevitable fusion between barriers to growth and success.

Extensively published, Tracy has written hundreds of blogs that are featured on numerous award-winning websites and has a monthly board column hosted by ColoradoBiz Magazine. She is the creator of the Board Guru™ eBooks and the Becoming a Public Company Director trilogy. Her company, Board Resource Services, has a website at and Follow Tracy on Twitter @BoardGuru. Headquartered in the Denver, Colorado area, Tracy is an avid hiker.

Webinar Session 3 – 13/07/15


“Edge Up Your LinkedIn Presence to Gain That Corporate Board Seat”

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Session 3 – “Edge Up YOUR LinkedIn Presence to Gain That Corporate Board Seat”

Everyone understands the potential for LinkedIn, but how much visibility can a board candidate expect to produce?
Despite the bad rap social media gets from time to time, LinkedIn simply cannot be ignored. It is the go-to network for professionals looking to advance their careers.

Speaker: Tracy Houston, board e-Guru

Time: 13 July 7am Vancouver , 8am Denver, 10am Toronto, 3pm London, 4pm Paris & Johannesburg, 10pm Perth, midnight Brisbane & Sydney

£40 = Can$75 = US$60 = Aus$75 = Euros 55 = Rand 740
Buy 3 get one for free

If you are from Africa (except South Africa) & certain parts of Asia and Latin America: £5 for one (US$7), £10 for 3 sessions (US$15), £15 for 5 sessions (US$20) and £20 (US$30) for the whole – contact us to check


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