NPW Live

As part of the Northern Power Women campaign we are introducing a new event NPW Live.

Date: Thursday, July 6, 2017

Time: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm

Venue: aql, Leeds

Tickets: NPW Live Leeds

What is NPW Live?

Imagine mixing up a conference full of brilliant speakers with an inspiring networking event, adding in some story telling and performance, and putting everything in one brilliant venue in Leeds on 7th July.  That’s NPW Live. It’s a programme of live speakers, talking about things that will interest or excite you, make you think or make you feel something. It’s a series of conversations which you can take part in and meet new people, share your own ideas, ask for help or suggestions, and make connections that will help you in your personal or professional life.

Who should attend?

NPW Live is for men and women who are looking for like-minded contacts and inspiration. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a public servant, whether you work in accountancy, the creative industries, sport, business, healthcare, banking, or anywhere else – if you’re interested in [people/gender equality/?] and interested in your personal and professional development then you should be there.

Why attend?

Hmm. Where to start. So many reasons so here are just [three]:

  • NPW Live will be an intellectual adrenalin shot. Come and hear new ideas, fresh perspectives and ignite your own thinking.

  • You’ll meet great people – NPW exists to bring great people together for great conversations in great places. As networking events go we run the best, and we’re sure you will meet lots of new contacts and perhaps catch up with old ones.

  • It’s really important to invest in yourself – to take time away from the day job to think, connect, reflect and problem solve. Make the space to think more strategically, look afresh at issues and speak to others with different views.

How much will it cost?

NPW Live is £35 for a day full of inspiration. Refreshments are included.

NPW is not seeking to make a profit from this event, but trying to advance the campaign for gender equality driven from the North and create a brilliant experience for participants. Your support will cover the costs of staging the event, and if you can afford to, you can also offer to sponsor a place for someone who may not be able to attend otherwise. We want this to be inclusive and if you’d like to support a funded place please get in touch.

Speakers will be at the heart of this event and we are keen to have a line up as varied as our regions. We also want to connect to the theme and to topical issues and current debate. We want speakers who will inspire and delight our audience as much as educate and innovate – this is not a regular keynote this is a focused TED-like performance.

9.30am    Registration
10.00am  Welcome
10.15am  Session 1 |
11.30am  Break & Speaker connects
12.00pm  Session 2
1.15pm    Lunch
2.00pm    Session 3
3.15pm    Break
3.30pm    Session 4
4.30pm    Drinks
6.00pm    Close

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