New African Woman Forum


Date: April 12 – 13, 2017

Venue: Terrou-bi Dakar, Boulevard Martin Luther King, Dakar, Senegal

Registration: Eventbrite

Sponsorship: Leila Ben Hassen
Programme: Hassna Benseddik
Media & Marketing: Sarah Absmeier|
Telephone number: +44 (0) 20 7841 3210

The New African Woman Forum believes that the key to Africa’s development is harnessing the energy and creativity of Africans. As one of the fastest growing developing regions in the world and host to six of the world’s fastest growing economies, Africa has great prospects in sectors such as agriculture, the extractive industries and a growing service sector.

To achieve its vision of growth and prosperity, Africa needs to make full use of the skills and talents of all its citizens-including its women – to transform its economies and societies. We know that women are more economically active in Africa – as farmers, workers and entrepreneurs – than anywhere else in the world. Yet across Africa women face an array of barriers to achieving their full potential, from restrictive access to capital, markets, business skills, training, technology and highly segmented labour markets. Eliminating gender inequality and empowering women could raise the productive potential of one billion Africans, delivering a huge boost to the continent’s development potential.

The first edition of the New African Woman Forum invited the women game-changers on the continent to tell their story – not only to raise awareness about the great work that they have been doing to uplift their communities, but also to inspire future generations to emulate innovative and exciting approaches to making a difference to society. The Forum focused on six critical sectors and concluded with strong recommendations/action plans to accelerate the progress on gender equality and the goals of Agenda 2063.

The second edition will be an exclusive event bringing together over 250 leaders from business, academia and civil society, as well as key decision makers from the public and private sector. Through interactive discussions, TED-style talks, expert insights and debates participants will hear about success stories and lessons learned, and will discuss how we can further accelerate the reforms and progress toward Agenda 2063.


The New African Woman Awards in its second year, has become a platform to recognise women’s leadership and excellence on the continent. Following a call for entries, the Awards Committee draws a shortlist of nominees for each category from the pool of submissions alongside readers’s votes. Our distinguished and independent judging panel of business, civil society and media leaders, with extensive expertise across the African regions, then selects the winners based on a number of set criteria. The winners are announced at the Awards ceremony. The New African Woman Awards 2017 Call for Entries will open on 14th November 2016.


  • Gender matters: The Power of Parity
  • Succeeding in a man’s world
  • More women in boardroom: More Profit
  • Media debate: Challenging the status quo
  • Women and health: Key to sustainable development
  • Educating a girl: The multiplier effect
  • Women in agriculture: Higher productivity
  • Innovative thinking: Smarter generations


  • Join the pan-African conversation to shape the future of African women
  • Share challenges, experiences and success stories
  • Build a niche network of contacts to exchange ideas and skills and to improve our performances
  • Grow stronger together to enhance ourselves, our children and our continent
  • Develop a plan of action to turn Agenda 2063 into reality.



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