Mining4Beer (Toronto)

Winers Whiners Minors Miners & Shiners: PTSD & the PDAC (a love story)

Date: Sunday, March 5, 2017

Time: 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

1) Bottom Line Sports Bar, 22 Front St West (beside Hockey Hall of Fame)
2) Hockey Hall of Fame, (beside Bottom Line, 22 Front St West).
HHOF is co-marketed with Exploration ’17 and GroundUp. Attendance is limited.

Any questions contact Cameron @ 1-647-470-0024

It’s show time! If you think you’re ready for PDAC guess what? Y’aren’t. So being the time sensitive kind of people we are we’ve compiled a list of what we believe should be part of your PDAC survivors plan:

1) Knowing the Mining4Beer schedule
2) Blanket apologies
3) Clearing a significant line of credit
4) A Will (of steel and, last testament)
5) FedEx return-to-sender bill-of-lading glued to your forehead
6) Caffeine addiction
7) List of friends/colleagues you started the show with
8) Missing Persons manifest (removing family is socially acceptable)
9) A positive relationship with the constabulary; bonus points if you score with the judiciary
10) A recollection of what country/city you started in

Mining4Beer has lined up a couple of events to keep you hopping. Lucky for you, they’re in close proximity to each other and both at the same time.

Remember, you are not a Miner unless, you are Mining4Beer.



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