Mining4Beer (Toronto)

When: Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Time: 5 – 7’esque

Where: Bottom Line Sports Bar, 22 Front Street West (at Yonge)

Why: Because it’s what Churchill would do

May 10 marks the 1940 anniversary that Winston Churchill became Prime Minister of the UK (and also when the next Toronto chapter meets). This forced us to ponder, how much did the old bulldog drink? What we have discovered was, if drinking were a competitive sport, we have witnessed a Hall of Fame’r. It is now clear why he is referred to as the “Hero of the Blitz”. Here’s just a few notable-notes that we’ve uncovered about his assumptive consumption:

* Labour MP Bessie Braddock accusing him of being drunk in the Commons, to whit he said: “Bessie, you are ugly. But tomorrow I will be sober, and you will still be ugly”
* He averaged 5.7 shots per meal (at only 3 meals a day)
* In a letter to his wife, he mentions drinking “champagne at all meals & buckets of claret & soda in between.” – but doesn’t that conflict with the point above? How did this man run a country?
* When Churchill visited the White House, President Roosevelt enjoyed keeping pace with what the White House staff called “Winston Hours.” Supposedly President Roosevelt even slept ten hours a night for three nights in order recover.

Website: Mining 4 Beer


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